1. Explain how sociology helps us understand that human behavior is guided by social and cultural forces.

In this paper, you must use MLA/APA. You must cite at least two sources. Please use proper font size (12) and double space your paper.

This paper requires that you answer the following questions in 2-3 pages:

1. Explain how sociology helps us understand that human behavior is guided by social and cultural forces.

2.Explain how society and culture are influenced by individual behavior.

For both questions, you must use specific sociological terms, definitions, and concepts to illustrate understanding.



  1. Human Behavior is Guided by Social and Cultural Forces

            Critical study of sociology reveals that there is a direct relationship between the behavior of individuals and the social and cultural factors. Sociology refers to the academic analysis of social behavior, development, organization, origins and institutions. The discipline falls under social science classification. As such, it employs various approaches of critical analysis and empirical investigation to create concepts about social order, disorder and change. The main goal of sociologists is to carry out a study which may be used directly in social welfare and social policy formulations. On the same note, some sociologists focus on refining the hypothetical understanding of social events. Subjects discussed ranges from individual level to the society level. Therefore, the discipline is concerned with establishing the impact of social and cultural factors on human behavior (Anderson, and Carter 124)


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            Sociology aims at establishing the relationship between people, environment and the society. Through the study of social stratification, the discipline helps us to appreciate the fact that people are classified on the basis of their economic status. This social classification determines how individuals relate with one another and the impact of such relationships (Anderson, and Carter 157). For instance, people in the same economic status interact more amongst themselves as compared to people in different financial ability (Anderson, and Carter 274).

            Moreover, cultural aspects tend to determine the behavior of people. For instance, the level of interaction between people sharing the same faith is high as compared to those who differ in religious beliefs. The constant interaction between people sharing same religious beliefs makes it possible for such individuals to influence one another. Hence the likelihood of such people behaving in a similar manner increases.

  • Society and Culture are Influenced by Individual Behavior

            The basic element of the society is the individual human beings. In addition, the cultural aspect of a society is made of the individual way of life of the members of a particular community. In other words, society and culture are determined by the individual members of the given community. For instance, a community is considered educated if a large proportion of members of the given society are learned. The actions of the individuals who are educated will be completely different from those of illiterate people (Fehr, and Hoff 398). Moreover, the cultural practice of the educated individuals will also be different. Therefore, combining these individual behaviors forms a society that is educated. Moreover, the unique conduct of the learned individuals will produce a culture of literate people in the given community.             On the other hand, a society is considered poor if large proportions of the individual members of that community are economically unstable

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