a. How the content and assignments met the course objective(s)?

Directions: Reading chapter 5,10,11,12. PDF attached

This  Reflection-in-Action Entry should be at least 400 words in length


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 utilize APA 6th Edition. Discuss and reflect on the topic in terms of:

a. How the content and assignments met the course objective(s)? Course name: nursing- innovation in patient care technology and information management

b. Provide examples of actual or potential applications of the course week’s course concepts.

c. Successes or challenges that you had for the week in terms of the course content

Here is the grading rubric:

TimelinessReflective  Assignment submitted on time
ContentFully responds to all questions in prompt and answers each completely.
AccuracyEntries contain accurate information and properly cited references
Integration OfKnowledgeDemonstrates that the author fully understands and has applied conceptslearned in the course at a superior level. Concepts are integrated into the writer’s own insights. The writer provides concluding remarksthat show analysis and synthesis of ideas.
Writing  Style, Formatting and Conventions3 or more references are used to support opinions and justify recommendations. Excellent writing with no grammar, APA or spelling errors

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