AFTER reading “We Don’t Have to Like Them.


AFTER reading “We Don’t Have to Like Them. We Just Need to Understand Them, ” answer the following questions in 3-5 sentences each. Number each of your answers in accordance to the question. Answer in your own words and use quotes from the article when necessary. Be specific in your answers, avoid vagueness- which can result in partial credit.


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1. Author Holland Cotter poses a complex discussion and solution regarding, whether or not, the monuments of our nation’s past and if they should be abolished. What does Cotter suggest the museum do with the sculpture and why?

2. We have seen many statues throughout our survey, even question sculpture similar to the Roosevelt monument. From your understanding, what is the difference between a “statue” and a “monument”?

3. Is there a value in changing the verbiage from “monument” to “statue” for the Roosevelt monument?

4. Do you think there is a benefit to keeping this monument in the public eye (in the museum)? How so? If not, what do you suggest they do with the sculpture and why?

5. Is Cotter’s suggestion applicable to all “historically complicated” or racist monuments of our nation’s past? How so?

6. Look closely at the faces of EACH figure in this sculpture. What do they say to you? How are their expressions representative of past ideals and how is this important to understand when considering the livelihood of this sculpture?

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