“All The Presidents Men” Film

What is the political subject? What political issues are being discussed and debated? Did you enjoy the film?                



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            ‘All The President’s Men’ is a real movie that covered one of the famous political scandals in the United States of America. The disgrace is referred to as the Watergate scandal. It involved a scenario where there was a break-in into the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee located in the Watergate complex. The incidence took place in the 1970s when President Richard Nixon was xxx movie vividly demonstrated the role of the media. It is the work of the newsmen that revealed the truths behind the scandal.  As a result, President Richard Nixon had to resign due to his involvement in the disgrace.

Political subject        

            The political subject of the movie is party politics. The whole thing started with an arrest of five men in relation to the incidence that happened in the Watergate complex. When the occurrence happened, Washington Post sent Woodward, who was then new in the firm, to cover the incidence; initially regarded as minor story. As he covered the issue, he followed up the matter and realized that the five men had a connection with the then xxx of the men James McCord confessed, in a court of law, to have been in ties with the CIA implying that had the support of the government. This realization made Washington Post have more interest on the matter and assigned another journalist by the name Carl Bernstein to investigate the underling story.

             The two were good partners in work matters and had proved that in previous incidences. In this case, their editor, Ben Brad lee pushed them to do a thorough job to come up an appealing story. Ben constant claim was that the information they provided initially was not smart enough to take the first page of the Washington xxxx expected them to dig deeper into the matter and get a clear picture of what had xxx pressure pushed Woodward and his colleague to devise ways of extracting the truth of the matter.

            In the process of the investigations, Woodward remembered that he had a friend in the government who could be of use in the xxx was a senior government official but had worked with Woodward in previous cases as an anonymous xxxx was not the first time that Woodward sorts xxx issue was more sensitive and, as a result, they decided to meet at midnight. They met in a parking garage where Deep told Woodward that the whole thing of the Watergate break-in was government strategy.

            The realization made the two journalists feel that they had done their part in the matter. However, the executive editor, Ben disliked the fact that the two used anonymous source in their investigations. In addition, Ben doubted involvement of Richard, who belonged to the Republican Party, in the matter. This is because according to Ben, the president had no reason to break the law as he was likely to defeat the Democratic leader George McGovern during the elections. However, Ben’s claims were proved wrong by Woodward and Bernstein through a further research that proved that for sure xxxx

Political Issues Discussed

            The political issues covered includes: undemocratic acts of Richard Nixon and his consequential impeachment. As the journalists revealed, Nixon was undoubtedly involved in the destruction of the Democratic Party with an intention of stopping political xxxx behavior confirms that he intended to keep George McGovern out of the xxx this incidence American experienced another salient political issue that is impeachment of a sitting president. As demonstrated in the movie. Richard was forced to resign his presidency job. This was a ….


            The incidences throughout the film make the movie intensely moving. All the crazy strategies which journalists applied to obtain truth are extremely xxxx movie also represents the overall duty of the media. In addition, the incidences in the film prove that media is tremendously influential politically. This is proved by the fact that media have the potential to force a sitting president to ….

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