Assignment 1: Identifying the Challenge

All Assignments MUST include the question you are answering of the assignment first and then your answer below to that question

APA formatting of the assignment and citation rules must be followed


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No abstract is required 

Failure to follow this format above for your assignment will result in a zero grade for this assignment until it is submitted in the proper format and then the late policy will be applied

For your senior project, choose one of the following major criminal justice areas: law enforcement, prisons/corrections, the courts, Homeland Security, private security, or emergency management. This component will serve as the area for which your senior project will be based. Next, you will identify a challenge or area of improvement within your chosen area. Over the weeks of this course, you will progressively research, learn about, write and present on a solution to the challenge or area of improvement from both a tactical and administrative perspective. 

Prepare a 2-3 page paper answering the following: 

1. Identify the major criminal justice area and explain the context of the problem or challenge you will write on. Explain and outline your choice.

2. The history and any past or recent policy decisions that have contributed to the problem or challenge.

3. Why is it important that the problem be addressed and who benefits from the change here?

4. Who is impacted internally and externally, in other words – who are the stakeholders in this matter and why?

5. Why do you feel the problem hasn’t already been solved? This should be a substantive answer and include some research to support your position.

This paper must adhere to APA style standards including the following: Cover page, proper header and page numbers, double space, 1” margins, in text citation references, and a reference page that includes at least three (3) quality legal sources. No newspaper, news websites, dictionary, lawyer websites, etc. are acceptable unless you are finding statistical information – and then your information must be accurate and not opinion.


Assignment: Identifying the challenge

            Homeland security refers to the American national effort to avert terrorist activities within all the states of America. It also encompasses the efforts to lessen the vulnerability of the United States to terrorist attacks and minimize the destruction from the inevitable attacks. The umbrella term emerged in 2003following the reorganization of numerous American government bodies. The reorganization happened following the 11 September 2001 terrorism attack. Homeland Security has been efficient over the years in terms of terrorism prevention and attack. However, the agency is facing one big challenge, which is integrating and implementing management operations for results. This challenge results into other numerous threats and shortcomings. The analysis in the subsequent sections …

            To start with, Homeland Security Department seems to be the subject of approximately 1000 reports from the General Accountability Agency. Its recent progress report covered familiar ground to claim that while Homeland security department has implemented chief security tasks …

            The Department of Homeland Security commonly known as DHS has improved its management operations and has strategies in place to empower the administration of the body for results. However, it should be noted that the scope of DHS encompass five major sections. Firstly, the department is expected to offer biodefense and detect radiological and radioactive materials. Secondly, the agency ought to ensure emergency response and preparedness, including volunteer police, medical, fire personnel and emergency management. Thirdly, the body is entitled to offer perimeter and critical infrastructure protection. Fourthly, DHS must ensure transportation and border security, including maritime transportation, aviation and country borders. Lastly, DHS is supposed to research on the future generation technologies.             Given the sensitivity and the technicality of the duties, the department has not always efficiently and effectively integrated or executed these tasks. In 2003, the Government Accountability office (GAO) identified the modification of department as a major risk because DHS had involved the transformation of twenty two agencies into a single department. Department of Homeland Security has portrayed recommendable leadership commitment.  It has also started to integrate and implement a plan to deal with its management shortcomings. Nevertheless, these drawbacks have contributed…

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