Boston Pizza Marketing Plan (Partial)

Promotion is the approach that an organization adopts to make its product available and accessible to the consumers at all times and from the comfort of their stores. In order to promote a product, markets apply a number of communication approaches that make it possible for the customers scattered across the globe to understand the essence of its product. To enhance promotion of a product, a number of approaches are adopted, which include advertising, public relations, the use of sales representatives and other forms of sales promotion and marketing (Brooder). Boston pizza has developed unique promotional approaches that enable the company to reach their customers across the world especially after launching a new product.

Promotional strategies at Boston pizza


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            To reach out to the wide target market in the United States, Mexico and Canada, Boston pizza has adopted a number of marketing strategies. Such strategies have been attributed to the impressive performance of the company in an industry dominated by multinational giants like McDonald. Boston pizza has appreciated the power of social media and web 2.0 applications in reaching out to its young target market across the three countries (Lee and Claire 951). Through a strong social media presence, the company informs consumers of new products, discounts and special offers available among other services which are aimed at increasing the interests of the customers. However, social media helps the company engage the market and give no room for competitors to eat into its traditional market niche (Thomsett-Scott 121).

Boston pizza has also perfected the use of product giveaways to entice its traditional market and improve their experience within the company. Product giveaways have traditionally been used by companies to ensure that the traditional and returning customers feel valued and appreciated at the company. Boston pizza has used the date night @Boston Pizza event and the $50 gift card giveaway to award its loyal customers and give them a reason to enjoy the products of the company. Boston pizza foundation $5 kid’s card is also a second giveaway that the company has developed to target the kids whose parents frequent the joint (Levy and Yaniv 100). Product and service giveaways are promotional approaches that have significant impacts on the consumers and demonstrate a company’s commitment towards improving their experience with its products and services.

Boston pizza foundation $5 kid’s card can also be categorised under causes and charity as they are initiated to meet a specific cause within the society. Causes and charity are approaches that companies use to ensure that their products are visible in the market while supporting a charity event. Such an approach, which has been perfected by Boston pizza, has given its customers a feeling that the company is part of the society and understands the challenges they face (Thomsett-Scott121). Moreover, the approach has also given Boston pizza customers a socially conscious image of the company and made them willing to be associated with their products and services.

Branded promotional gifts are also a strategy that Boston pizza has adopted in order to reach out to its market and convince its traditional market of its products. With this approach, a company gives away functional and branded promotional gifts instead of a business card as is always done by other companies. Promotional branded gifts such as calendars, pens or even notebooks makes it easier for a consumer to remember the goods and services offered by the company. Boston pizza has enhanced the loyalty of its customers through the issuance of loyalty online gift cards which has enabled the company to have competitive advantage over others. A gift brand issued by the companies provides an opportunity for customers to enjoy the product and also invite friends and relatives according to the provisions of the card. A gift card is issued to frequent guests or a first time customer where an impressive service is intended as a way of ensuring that they come back for the products again. With the help of Buy a tab, the company has improved the online experience of its customers and made e-gift card readily available to first or returning clients (Gangwar, Nanda and Ram 103).

After sale service also enables a business entity to understand the needs of the consumers especially their experiences with the products after purchase. As a fast food franchise, customers may have varied experiences which can affect their attitude and commitment towards the company. Though products are passed through thorough quality assurance protocols, omissions and errors may arise which can affect the quality of the products and their commitment to the company. After sales services at the Boston pizza has enabled it to have a preview of the challenges that the consumers face with the products and their interests.

Integrated marketing communication strategy

Various advertising strategies including print, television, social media and the internet will be used to increase the market reached. Public relations approaches such as corporate social responsibility and grants will also be adopted. Personal selling strategies will target students and youths working in different parts of the country to demonstrate effectiveness of the product. Consumers who have understood the value of the product will also be to reach out colleagues and convince them of the effectiveness of the products. Effective implementation of the promotional plan that has been outlined will rely on the development of numerous structures. First effective staff communication will lead to an increased participation of all employees at Boston pizza including low level workers.

Implementation of marketing strategy

            The success of the marketing and promotional strategies that have been highlighted for Boston pizza depends on an effective implementation plan. With such a thorough marketing plan, success will only be influenced with the implementation approach that is adopted and the attitude of the employees towards the same. Adequate resources and expertise will be needed in order to effectively and successfully implement the promotional strategies that have been highlighted. To effectively implement this strategy, the following implementation plan will be adopted which will seek to integrate the market and organisational players.

Structural issues

Understanding and effectively communicating the end goal will also enhance the commitment and adherence to the provisions of the plan. End goals are critical analysis of the results that the promotional strategic plan is expected to achieve within a specific period of time. It is important not to lose sight of the strategic promotional plan as digressing will lead to lose of valuable time, resources and frustration of the employees whose support and input is needed. Effective progress monitoring parameters must also be put in place in order to ensure that the strategy is on course. Monitoring of progress will enable Boston pizza find out if the strategic implementation is on target, if the marketing tactics are too ambitious, if the budget can support program and if the tactics employed are working effectively for the employees.

Tactical marketing strategies

Boston pizza primary market is the youth and teenagers who have limited time to have a long meal, instead preferring to have a pizza and a soft drink before resuming classes or personal activities. This promotional strategy has the sole interest of increasing the awareness of the market about the products and their attributes as compared to their competitors. Different online product adverts will be developed as a way of improving the interaction between the company and the target market. Engagement in charity and other corporate social responsibility will be designed in a manner that will enhance product availability and public knowledge of their abilities.

After sale services for buyers will be designed to enhance their experience at the company and provide a positive reflection of the interest and desire of the organisation. Students and youth consumers will be allowed to package their remaining meals and take away, a practise that most other fast food joints have failed to adopt. As a rush hour joint where customers seek to have their meals within the shortest time possible, enabling them to package and take away remaining meals will increase the relationship with the customers.

Tactical Marketing Activities (be very specific—this lays out the details of the marketing                                  strategy and how it will be executed)

Specific Tactical ActivitiesPerson/Department ResponsibleRequired BudgetCompletion Date
Product Activities 1. Developing social media platform 2.Introducing after sale services 3. Organising charityCommunication and IT department Marketing department Public relations department$526 $1000   $21001 week 3 weeks   4 weeks
Pricing Activities 1. Product pricing 2. After sale services costSales and marketing Sales and marketing$2000 $20002 weeks 2 weeks
Distribution/Supply Chain Activities 1. Transport cost 2. Personal sales and promotion 3.Transport and logistic Marketing and logistics departments$4000   $60001 month   2-3 months
IMC (Promotion) Activities 1. Designing products based on market characteristics 2. Publicity and advertising materials 3.  Sales, marketing and branding Sales and marketing  $3000 $1500  1 month 2 weeks


Promotional strategies are integral in ensuring that an organisation performs well in the face of strong competitive forces. Boston pizza has expanded its operations beyond Canada to include other markets such as Mexico and the United States. Such an impressive performance has been supported by well thought and designed promotional strategies which improve the experience of the customers.

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