Case Senario Analysis – Buyer Beware

Introduction to Ethics

            Business ethics refers to the generally accepted mode of behavior in the business context. A set of accepted code of conduct guides the commercial sector (William, 2010). These codes are deemed extremely crucial for a business to succeed. Managers and top leadership ought to emphasis on the need to have strong mechanisms of ensuring that business in which they are in charge adhere to the set guiding principles. Customers are the most crucial stakeholders in any business enterprise. As such, interests of the customers should always be paramount. All the stakeholders in a business should therefore direct their combined efforts towards ensuring customers’ desires are met in the most optimum way possible. Cautioning customers against an impending risk is a principal responsibility that a business owes to its customers (William, 2010). The ethical philosophy of ensuring that customers are aware of any looming risk should be implemented by the top management.


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            Management of any given firm should come up with strategies of ensuring that awareness, as an ethical philosophy, is well created among the buyers. Coming up with an option that can facilitate accomplishment of this task is crucial. One of the best options available is a creation of a department whose fulltime job is ensuring that the interests of the customers are always protected. However, this mission is not easy and it requires dedicated staff for it to be accomplished. Some of the responsibilities of the concerned department would include: dealing with customers complains when they arise and general assistance of the customers (William, 2010). Organizations have invested the necessary resources to handle complains and hence everything is okay in that field. However, strategies to create awareness among the customers are yet to be accomplished (Marianne 2011). For this reason, I opt for this awareness ethical philosophy as my topic of discussion. Actually, awareness is a wide field which calls for incorporation of all responsible stakeholders. Though it falls under the category of general forms of assistance that a firm ought to provide, it is very crucial. Many are the time when buyers are ignorant about things which matters most. Other times customers end up buying the wrong products. Worse still customers sometimes even waste time and money finding information from the wrong people like conmen (Marianne, 2011). These are some of the reasons which justify the need for emphasizing on awareness philosophy. To enable this project, department entrusted with the work of protecting customers should take the initiative of informing customers of emerging issue in the economic environment (William, 2010). It is through such strategies that customers will always be aware of the challenges that are likely to face them.

            Ethical philosophy of creating customers awareness may be perceived by the organization as a total waste of time and resources. In fact many organizations may fail to see the connection between this ethical philosophy and the main objectives of any business (William, 2010). Funny enough, even the buyers and the society at large may not see the essence of this philosophy until they receive its services. However, with a thorough analysis of the philosophy anyone would admit that it is a crucial requirement.

Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream Speech’ Speech

            Martin delivered this speech in America back in 1963. The speech revealed the hopes that Martin had for America. He dreamed of an America where human rights were respected, where racism never existed, where people were living in peace. In the speech Martin was able to apply logos to deliver his message. For instance, he logically avoided using words such as racial discrimination and instead used racial prejudice. Reason being that the former term would have been very weighty especially because he was addressing white audience yet he was not a white himself. Pathos also characterized this speech especially his constant use of the words ‘I have a dream’ which created emotional feelings which could be very persuasive. Finally, the fact that martin was known for his wise sayings made him to win the confidence of everyone. This ethos helped him to deliver his message effectively in a white-dominated audience.

Literature review source

            Mackinnon and Barbara article on ethics does not apply any of the three appeals logos, ethos and pathos. This is because the topic of discussion does not require any of the three since for one, no one need to be persuade to believe in ethics, secondly emotional feelings have nothing to do with the ethics discussion and finally there is no reason, whatsoever, for doubting the credibility of the information given (William, 2010).

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