Chapter 10 discusses many facets of Compensation.

Chapter 10 discusses many facets of Compensation. In particular, a hot button has been (and will continue to be) EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION. In particular, many executives are receiving ‘golden parachutes’ to leave their companies. Some are leaving companies after missing revenue and profitability targets, many are steering companies in the wrong direction, and yet executives, over time, have left after failing miserably and still are walking away with huge amounts of compensation (cash, stocks, etc.).

1. Up to 75 points for content, and up to 25 points for grammar, etc.


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2. You are to search the internet and tell us a company that has paid outrageous severance packages or ‘golden parachutes’ to their CEOs after they left the company. Hint, some did a great job and retired….others not so much. You might try searching on : Top CEO golden parachutes.

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