Cisco Systems, Inc: Collaborating on New Product Introduction

Cisco Company is a leader in the sale of networking products to other corporations and this has contributed to the surge in its market value. Its organization structure is unique in the sense that, it exploits both vertical and horizontal structures as a way of promoting a multi-functional teamwork. In addition, the firm is organized in a manner that capitalizes on a collaborative and cross functional process. For instance, the firm has established boards, councils and working groups composed of senior executives from its branches across the globe (see Exhibit 1). This has improved networking within the firm in terms of pursuing various initiatives through a collaborative leadership (Hubli, 2009).

In addition, accountability has also improved as a result of embracing a collaborative process in the organization. Embracing a system that involves teamwork ensures that the decision making process improves and transform the firm from a hierarchical to a collaborative leadership that recognizes the collective expertise of all its employees. Further, as a result of the company reinventing itself into a global corporation, it has managed to expand across borders and this contributes to increased sales and profits. Locating the company’s top leadership outside the United States also contributes to a global distribution of collaborative management. As such, the structure of the firm is supporting its global supply chain through a focus on a networked and adaptive supply chain (Silvestri, 2012).

The company also focuses on adding value in terms of managing its supply chain and embracing product design and development. Most of the firm’s productions are carried out by contracted manufacturers and this hastens the supply chain management.  The company has also consolidated its base of contract manufacturers and suppliers through its outsourced model (Liang, 2013) (see Exhibit 2).

Getting on the Same Page: Case Analysis

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