Classic Music Concert Review Essay

The concert was held on January 30, 2015, attended by Quartet gelato band that comprised of four performers namely, Elizabeth McClellan, Colin Maier, Peter de Sotto, Alexander, Sevestian. The hall was professionally decorated with a dull lighting creating a soft artistic atmosphere. The only place that was fully lit was the stage where the golden colored instruments appeared to glow in the soft light. The audience was murmuring before the performance begun, as they looked at their bulletins and discussed them. There was an electrifying excitement with subtle but perceptible undertones of palpable excitement. Most of the people had heard of the band but they had never watched them live and; as a result, they were eagerly waiting for the performance to start. Throughout the show, they followed with rapt attention only pausing to applaud between the various pieces and even then it was quick and they quickly settled for the next part. It was only during the break between the two parts of the show that they let their excitement show and even then, they were disciplined and relatively restrained.

The second piece in the first part was the ‘Under Paris Skies’, which was originally issued in 1961 on cadence records, it was a sumptuous and scintillating package in which there are four sounds that include Paris the in their headings. The Audience was treated to several melodic flavors in the first part including tango and the lusty Latino flavor and tender tenor sounds. However, the band did not shy away from a quick tempo and a rapid patter of melodies and primary chords which settled into a serene acceptance of riffing; giving the band the musical space to maneuver around the melodies contained in the piece. This made for a highly amused and entertained audience who were especially touched by the haunting melancholy melodies of,‘Under Paris Skies’ that they appeared to give a collective sign when it finally died away. Given that the song was originally composed in French in the early 50 is the underlying romance and melancholy themes that set its background hardly come as a surprise.

In the second part, the audience was treated to one of the oldest pieces the group plays ‘Oboe Concerto’ by Antonio Pasculli. Pasculli who was one of the greatest virtuosos of his art although gradually faded into oblivion in the 20th century as his work appeared to have been forgotten composed it in the mid-19th century. In order to play effectively these extraordinary works, the musicians had clearly worked very hard at mastering their various instruments since the piece is composed of highly complex and integrative melodies. However, they used various trills and arpeggiations that allowed them to render justice upon the piece resulting in a series of inspired and soul-stirring performances.

My favorite performer was Peter de Sotto; however, I must admit I may have been biased since he is the one I have read most on before the concert. I found him to be remarkably talented on the instruments he played more so the violin on which he outdid himself on that particular concert. Most surprising was that in addition to being a violin maestro, he proved to have an unbelievable tenor voice that ranged from a South African range to a an Irish and even Italian which enabled him to blend various techniques and cultural tunes. He seemed to have a natural flair for Italian and Sicilian songs, which he performed with extraordinary passion and grace almost bringing tears to my eyes. Given that, the violin was my favorite instrument for the day’s show it helped that he was the one playing it and, as a result, it made a big impression on me.

In conclusion, I found the pieces to very interesting both as from a critical and appreciative viewpoint; Quartetto Gelato tries to adapt the performance to the musical background of the students. The band used a team approach and each piece prominently featured a member doing a different style which made it feel both diverse and singular at the same time. The style of music is very inspiring and every time I listen to it I get a strange sense of déjà vu, somewhat it take me back to a place I have never actually being before at a musical level. I must admit that before the show, I was one of those who dismisses classical music as outmoded and without a future in the contemporary world. However, the show provided me with new insight and I developed respect for the genre, which I had previously only being interested in for scholarly rather than therapeutic reasons. The melodies are both enchanting and haunting; their passion is contagious and it makes one want to become a virtuoso at whatever they do. Although I cannot say, I have become a connoisseur of this kind of music overnight; after the concert, I made a serious effort to ensure I follow up on the group’s previous performance.

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