Compose a research paper that addresses an ethical question/ issue of contemporary significance.

Ethical Issue of Abortion

            Abortion is a contemporary issue of ethic facing the modern generation. The process involves termination of pregnancy through the expulsion or the removal from the uterus cavity of the embryo or fetus before viability. In exceptional cases, abortion can happen spontaneously; an occurrence referred to as miscarriage (Devettere, 67). Alternatively, the process can be deliberately induced. In the contemporary world, the term abortion is taken to imply the induced termination of human pregnancy. The practice is in the rise world-wide raising the concern about the morality of the act. Over the years, philosophers, scholars and socialists have been trying to either justify or disapprove the procedure. Some of the most difficult questions surrounding the matter have been asked. For instance, should abortion be legalized? Is this a legal or religious issue? What if the mother’s life is endangered? What about a case where the unborn child is proved to be anencephalic? Or portrays other deadly congenital defect? Is Down’s syndrome enough ground to justify the act? How late or early should an abortion be executed?  Is using morning-after pills equal to abortion? Should the society control contraception or should this be reserved as an individual decision?  These are the trickiest yet vital questions linked to abortion practice. This research paper focuses on morality of abortion paying special attention to the current state of the induced abortion.


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            Induced pregnancy termination in the developed nations as per the local regulations, is one of the safety measures in medicine. Nevertheless, unsafe pregnancy termination leads to roughly 47, 000 maternal demises and above 5 million clinic admissions per year in the globe (Devettere, 129). Approximately 44 million cases of pregnancy termination are reported annually, with considerably a good number of the cases being executed unsafely. Abortion incidences have stabilized in the recent past having been on a declining trend due to increase in use of family planning methods and contraceptive services. Around 40% of the women in the world have efficient access to legally persuaded abortions (Nynäs and Yip, 76).

            Induced abortion has been in existence for quite some time performed in different methods. The traditional methods of performing the act include use of herbal abortifacients, sharpened tools and physical trauma. Contemporary medicines apply medications and surgical operations. Around the world, the legality, prevalence, religious and cultural status of abortion contrast substantially. Its legality depends on precise conditions, such as rape, incest, fetal defects, disability risk, socioeconomic issues or where the health of the mother is at risk. In various parts of the globe there is divisive and prominent public controversy regarding the legal, moral and ethical issues of pregnancy termination. Critics of abortion practice generally believe that a fetus or embryo is human hence deserves the basic right to life. Proponents of the act, on the other hand, emphasize that a woman should enjoy the freedom of making decisions pertaining to her own body (Steffen, 24).             Approximately, 200 million pregnancies happen each year globally. About 25% are unintended and half of the unintended end up being …

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