Concert Analysis Essay

Concert Analysis

The concert took place on March 27, 2015 at the O’Sullivan Theatre and all the members of the audience were seated by 7:30pm. The environment was one of clear excitement as the audience waited to listen to the recital. It is essential to note that this excitement came about as a result of the recitals to be performed because they included the work of some very famous composers. The beginning of the performance was a recital by Vera Alekseeva and Erika Reinman who played the violin and piano respectively. This recital was very interesting because it involved the andante and presto tempos which involved the development of a pace that began slowly and slowly accelerated. This recital, composed by Antonin Dvorak, involved a performance with an absence of vocal accompaniment.


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            The performance of the recital involved the use of four notes which involved the performers swiftly shifting from one to another and this increased the excitement of the audience. From the beginning of the recital all the way to its conclusion, the performers displayed vigorousness in their movement and this allowed for the setting of the tone and atmosphere of the audience. The recital also had a harmony that involved a variance between the intervals and chords within it and this allowed for the atmosphere to become one that was jovial. During the introduction of the recital, there is a period where there is a resonance of two notes at most at a time and this develops into the harmony being turned back to an intermission during the latter stages.

It should be noted that the feeling of the presentation is one which is quite lean and this mainly as a result of the presentation being mostly solo and is not provided any vocal accompaniments. The performers are incredibly good at getting the audiences’ attention and this is mainly as a result of their being able to use their diverse talents to the fullest.

The combination of unique talent is quite interesting because through the cooperation of the performers, they are able to capture the limelight in such a way that none outperforms the other. The ability of Alekseeva and Reinman to work together like different parts of the same body is what made their performance to exceed the audiences’ expectations. It should be noted that their body movements, so subtle, is a way that these individuals communicated and this allowed them to take each other’s cue in order to make their performance successful.

            The second presentation is one that was performed by Gordon Cleland and this piece based on the work of Zolan Kodaly. The presentation of the Sonata doe solo cello by Cleland was extremely successful because it used a slight modification of the original to increase the tempo and make it a uniform piece that got the audiences’ full attention. The harmony can be considered to have been a variance of single chords and intervals and this is such a way that it allowed for the steady development of the piece from the time of introduction to its end. This performance was so charged with emotion that it elicited a similar response from the audience, allowing them to essentially become a part of the performance.

            The ability of the performers to display their solo talents was seen through the matopes piano recital that was done by Erika Reiman, who utilizing Karol Szymanowski’s composition, created an atmosphere that seemed to depict a gentleman making conversation with a lady. The rhythmic manner through which the performance was conducted allowed the audience to enjoy it and a look at the audience showed that they approved of it. The seemingly romantic environment that was created ended up transmitting the message that Szymanowski had for the audience; that the recital would be one that would endure for a long time. It is through the strong movements alongside the tones that accompanied them that the performers, through their solo recitals, were able to create a scene which wholly absorbed the audience and allowed the latter to feel a part of the performance. The tones made by the instruments were highly engaging especially at the emotional level; helping the audience to appreciate the depth of the recitals.

            This recital was not only highly engaging because the charged nature of the recitals helped the audience to feel like a part of the performance, but it also made it possible for the audience to retain their excitement throughout the performance. Moreover, the ability of the performers to use their unique talents during each of the recitals left the audience in awe of their abilities. As part of the audience, I noted that the performance evoked a form of emotional atmosphere that made me feel like being in the early twentieth century when the music was composed. Furthermore, the recitals also showed the rich tradition of nineteenth century composers had been carried on into the twenty first century and this ensured its enduring nature and making the individuals who composed them achieve immortality.

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