Critical Reflection Essay

According to Ann Marie McQueen, poverty, and, in particular, in the developing countries such as India, Pakistan and Nepal is a contributory factor in the exodus of human capital to developed economies. Compared to home country where employment opportunities are minimal, developed economies seems to provide a glamor of hope for immigrants from developing economies. Most of the immigrants from third world countries are often absorbed in the blue collar jobs and other menial work. This is because a significant percentage of the immigrants from developing economies are either semi-skilled or unskilled. Consequently, their only option is to do odd jobs where sometimes the pay is below the minimum wage. However, while the pay is insignificant, it is still better than languishing in poverty back in their home countries.I agree with A.M McQueen’s statement because the situation of prolonged poverty coupled with limited employment opportunities, pushes many deprived people to leave their residing places in order to seek opportunities to earn money to support their families and improve their living standards.

Lack of employment opportunities


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Poverty-stricken families are faced with many challenges that require financial backup. Without proper finances, poor families cannot afford the basic needs that include shelter, food and healthcare. In addition, illiteracy also drives many families to poverty because of lack of necessary skills required in the employment sector. As such, it is difficult for the unskilled people to find a decent job placement in a competitive and skill oriented employment sector. On the other hand, where the population of the unskilled is high, it means that opportunities for odd jobs also decrease and this contributes further to the vicious circle of poverty evident in developing countries, for example. Consequently, and as suggested by McQueen, the relentless poverty contributed by lack of employment opportunities in the home country forces people to continue moving abroad in search of greener pastures. McQueen further reiterates that, it does not matter the kind of work that the immigrants are absorbed as long as they can earn and send something back home to sustain their families.

The need to improve living standards

Because of the poverty experienced back home, many people are forced to look for other options to improve their living standards. In this regard, McQueen notes that moving abroad provides immigrants from poverty stricken countries with a chance to improve the lives of their dependents. However, despite the low pay, they are still able to support family members back home. The diaspora in this sense provides poverty stricken families with hope compared to staying back home where nothing is being done to eradicate poverty.

Poverty Reduction in Developing countries

McQueen’s statement that relentless poverty will continue to drive people to leave their home countries is true because, they have an opportunity to earn in the diaspora and send money back home to their families. Most developing countries lack proper policies to eradicate poverty, and this also contributes to the mass exodus of human capital who leave for greener pastures. In summation, governments in developing countries need to implement appropriate policies that target the eradication of poverty on a long term basis. Such policies should target creation of employment opportunities and provide other social amenities to the disadvantaged in the society.


Working abroad provides immigrants with an opportunity to send money to family members back home. However, of concern are the conditions that these immigrants work. As such, what are the host countries doing to improve their situation, and similarly, are their governments following up on the whereabouts.

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