Discussion for Accounting  Please use the book for Survey for

Accounting published by Wiley Version P2BS-11 (Paul Kimmel; Jerry Weygandt)

Discussion for Accounting  Please use the book for Survey for a  Accounting published by Wiley Version P2BS-11 (Paul Kimmel; Jerry Weygandt)


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BeneMart, a large national retail chain, is nearing its fiscal year-end. It appears that the company is not going to hit its revenue and net income targets. The company’s marketing manager, Ed Mellon, suggests running a promotion selling $50 gift cards for $45. He believes that this would be very popular and would enable the company to meet its targets for revenue and net income. What do you think of this idea?

Please research and explain the reasons Ed believes that by selling the gift cards at $45 would meet the targets for revenue and net income. Provide examples.

How would you respond to Uriah Porter

Assuming BeneMart’s fiscal year ends in December this plan could work out to a very good benefit for the company. The holidays are a time where people frankly throw money around with less regard than the normal time. This can also do wonders for a company’s image and expand their customer base by basically giving people $5 worth of product for free. I know from personal experience that having a gift card at the holiday time means I can buy something expensive I have wanted to get for much cheaper because of the card. This also means that I am giving the company a profit even with the $5 free.

How would you respond to Katherine Lindsey

Hello Prof. and Peers,

Benemart, is a large national retail chain, that is nearing its fiscal year-end and the company seems to be having some issues involving its revenue and net income targets. Marketing manager, Ed Mellon suggested running a promotion selling $50 gift cards for $45. He thinks that this would be very popular and would help the company to meet its target for revenue and net income. On the other hand I disagree with Mr. Mellon’s idea. I think that it may help the revenue target but it just might hurt the income net target if the cards don’t sale. I think that it will only work if the cards are sold and used right away. The cards will not be a result of revenue until they are sold and used. If they are not sold and used they are considered a liability. In order for growth you must profit.


Kimmel, P. D., Weygandt, J. J. (2016). Survey of Accounting, 1st Edition. [Purdue University Global Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://purdueuniversityglobal.vitalsource.com/#books/9781119306481/

Discussion for Human Resources Management Please the book for Fundamentals of Human Resources Management, 7th Edition Publisher McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions(Raymond Noe; John Hollenbeck;Barry Ger……) Version P2BS-11. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THE REFEREFNCES

Throughout this course, many discussion opportunities come up where you need to respond to other people’s opinions and comments. Respond to your Discussion topic after you have completed your reading.

Topic: Hiring Practices Create Success

Video: “Hiring at the Container Store

The Discussion questions are based on the video. Watch the video and read the video document provided. Answer the questions below in this unit’s Discussion.

Discussion Questions

1. Describe the Container Store’s selection process and how it helped to create their success.

2. Describe how the Container store uses Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs to create its foundation of HR practices.

Support your response with information from the textbook or other academic source.


McGraw Hill Education (Producer). (n.d.). The Container Store. Retrieved from http://bevideos.mhhe.com/business/video_library/0077437187/mp4/Clip_09.mp4

HRM ASSIGNMENT Please the book for Fundamentals of Human Resources Management, 7th Edition Publisher McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THE REFEREFNCES

Case Study Analysis: Recruitment and Hiring Practices

This case study analysis assesses the following outcomes:

MT203-2: Examine the recruitment and selection process.

PC-4.3: Apply concepts of multiculturalism and diversity to become an agent of change.

You have read about recruiting and selection processes used in various companies as well as practiced with some of those concepts. Now you will apply your understanding of these concepts to a case scenario and then address the checklist items.

To assist you with this and other case studies in this class, a document entitled “Case Study Analysis,” is in Course Documents and can be downloaded for your reference. This document, and many other invaluable writing resources, can also be found at the Writing Center.

Case Scenario:

A Silicon Valley recruiting firm recruits artificial intelligence (AI) and technology personnel. The recruits workplace could be located anywhere the company operates, depending on their skills and expertise, although the tendency is to hire in-country nationals in each respective country. The company uses technology-oriented magazines, the company website, and social media to recruit the candidates they need for their clients. They started up about a year ago and went from 3 recruiters to 50 overnight. Their recruiters are hired for their charm, communication skills, and industry expertise, however most of the recruiters graduated from Ivy League colleges in the U.S. and most are white males. Lately recruiting numbers have been slowing down drastically while general demand in the marketplace by employers for AI and technology personnel for the coming year is up 300%.

The current recruiting practice involves hiring people via their website recruitment area. The potential candidate merely attaches their resume and includes a short note to the recruiter. These resumes are then screened using a data mining program looking for certain criteria and terminology in their resumes. Once screened, those candidates getting through the initial screening are then auto-contacted by email to tell them they need to complete the question/quiz accessed on the website using a particular password. If they pass this second screening they are given an individual interview via the company’s online conference room. Once completed, the final candidates are finally sent to the potential employer for the final interview and selection.

Now however, the president is getting complaints from the EEO Commission and the Technology firms that they need to be hiring a more diverse workforce and that there are no ADA candidates, and the number of minorities and women is almost nil. He is now worried about losing clients and potential lawsuits as a result of their recruiting and selection processes. The company needs to address a diverse client base. Their clients are Northern European, African American, Indian, and Hispanic.

Checklist: As the HR specialist of the company, you are tasked with overhauling the selection and hiring process to address the following:

· Identify problems with the potential candidate characteristics.

· Analyze the company’s recruitment and selection process and problems.

· What multicultural and diversity planning concepts would you apply at the company to make a positive change?

· Describe how you would make that positive change happen.

Access the  rubric


1. Use the Case Study Template (available in Course Documents) to format your paper.

2. Complete a 2–3 page paper (not including the title and reference pages).

3. Answer each checklist question thoroughly.

4. Demonstrate your understanding of the information presented in the weekly reading assignments by defining terms, explaining concepts, and providing detailed examples to illustrate your points.

5. Include at least two references from your reading assignments, or other academic sources, to reinforce and support your own thoughts, ideas, and statements using APA citation style. You can access help with APA by going to Course Resources and accessing the “APA Style Central” resources in Academic Tools.


How would you respond to Kaysie

Hello Prof. and Classmates,

The Container Store employee selection process starts out with their view on what quality is in personnel. They hire on the view that (1) average person = (3) lousy people, (1) good person = (3) average people, and (1) great person = (3) good people; they only hire great people. They do not make concessions and hold out for the right person. By holding to their expectations and accepting nothing less, they are bringing in the right people not only for the position but the organizational culture. This strategy is part of what makes Container Store a success. 

The five steps to Maslow’s Hierarchy is physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization needs (McLeod, 2018). Container Store relates Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs by providing for their employee’s unmet needs. For example, the first need in the pyramid is physiological needs, this is met by providing wages that are the highest in the industry so workers can have food, water, and shelter.

The second need in the pyramid is safety needs. They meet this need by providing employees with a positive organizational environment that stresses integrity, honesty, and open communication. They provide the employees with the third need which is their social needs by creating a family-like atmosphere. This makes employees feel loved, accepted, and part of the group. The esteem need is the fourth which is provided to employees by formal and informal recognition and acknowledgment from others. The fifth need is Self-actualization and is provided by allowing employees to reach their full potential.  By using these practices, the Container Store has created a great foundation for their HR as well as organizational success.

How would respond to Ana

Hello everyone,

Watching the video I’ve learned the selection process is based on a formula they truly believe in. They stand to hire one great person = 3 good people. This belief can help hire the happiest people in retail; they try to create a culture to hire the best type of employees, where their workers are not only happy to work there but happy to help go above and beyond to meet customer’s expectations. Their beliefs are so many positive ones such as job enrichment designed to motivate workers, a concept like this just shows how the company puts their employee first. It has worked for this company that this helps their employees be taken into consideration and therefore they treat their customers with the upmost care when visiting the Container Store.

The Container store follows Maslow’s Hierarchy as follow: their wage is one of the highest in the industry and this follows their physiological needs. Safety needs provide integrity and values, communication and creating a family-like culture at work. Esteem needs follows the recognition of valuing their employees and making employees know how much they’re valued. Self-Actualization meets the need to motivate, promoting employees ascend to achieve their greatness, and this also creates a low turnover compared to other companies.  Another mention is also open communication; they believe that no matter what position you hold you have the freedom to express yourself. They also believe in cross training everyone from every position and understand every position available.  This gives me curiosity to visit this store which I’ve never really have and experiment to see what the customer service is really like. 

 Ana Cisneros


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