Dissemination of EBP Results

Dissemination of EBP Results

The dissemination of the evidence-based results is a process that warrants a lot of consideration. In particular, it is imperative that researchers utilize techniques that will facilitate the utilization of health-related evidence. In this regard, the hospital board will be used to undertake internal communication. Using the approach will allow the researcher to provide clinicians with a direct source of information and insight concerning how they can help their patients to manage diabetes more effectively.  However, it is worth noting that the efficient use of the hospital board will require that the researcher invests in well-designed posters that take into account factors such as the effects of visual aesthetics and contextual relevance (Schaffer, Sandau, & Diedrick, 2013). Nursing professionals working at the facility, as well as other clinicians, will subsequently be able to make selves conversant with health-related evidence by simply visiting the hospital board.


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On the other hand, a professional nursing organization can be an ideal channel for the external dissemination of EBP results. The American Nurses Association is one such entity. Notably, the researcher could furnish the organization with the results and have the same published in medical journals and other reports. Indeed, using this approach will enable the researcher to reach out to a wider pool of health professionals including those located in different parts of the country. Furthermore, the involvement of organizations such as the ANA could contribute positively towards attracting the interest of other groups and policymakers whose input would aid in the development of policies related to the management of diabetes (Schaffer et al., 2013). While it is vital to update the posters with any new information about the EBP results, it is equally important to ensure that ANA has highlighted the importance of the findings in promoting the quality of care services provided in the country.

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