Essay | Elements and Functions of an Effective Information System

Module 1: Information Systems (IS) in Education
Conduct an initial literature review of the factors that make an
information system effective and ineffective. Critically analyze
information to determine the components of a typical information
system, and compose a 3 page essay, discussing these issues and
related to e-services that state Boards of Education offer access to
on their websites.
By effective information systems, I am looking for an overview
of the following information:
 database that is useful in the education venue:
o What information is included in this state’s education
database? What makes it useful, or what information should
it include to make it useful? Teacher’s notes on students,
student grades, class syllabi, these are just some examples
of types of information that might be included in an
educational database.
 database that is secure:
o Also you might consider the type of security the database
provides, who can access the database, how user-friendly is
the database – is it easy to navigate, etc.
These are all just a few examples and you can use your own
judgment in writing your SLP. Feel free to use creative thinking
and not just the above examples.
Remember, you must also write an “introduction” section for your
research report. In the Introduction, please be sure to describe for
the audience the outline of topics that you will discuss.
NOTE: Cite references to support your explanation.
Your report will contain:
 Background information about information systems and e-
services in Education.

The State is North Carolina


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Effective Information Systems

Information systems (IS) entail the evaluation of complementary network of software and hardware used by individuals and firms to amass, filter, process, develop and distribute data. Information system technology links business operations and computer science knowledge (Oz, 2009). This is fanned by the use of the hypothetical foundations of computation and information to analyze various business models and algorithmic techniques within the discipline of computer science (Heijden, 2009). In a wider perspective, information systems link the technological world and the business world to produce positive impact beneficial to the society (Oz, 2009). For maximum benefits to be realized, IS must be effective. The analysis followed in the succeeding sectors focuses on the database that is crucial in the education venue. This consists of the information that is included in the North Carolina state Education Board Database and in particular, Harnett County schools system. In addition, the paper outlines the nature of a secure database. This involves an analysis of the security type, accessibility and efficiency.

            Database is the organized collection of information. The information is systematically organized to formulate the pertinent aspects of realism in manner that reinforces processes demanding this data (“Harnett County Schools,” 2009). Educational database of Harnett county schools include data related to teacher’s notes, student’s grades, class syllabi and non-curricular activities.

            Firstly, data relating to teachers notes must be precise and comprehensive. The data is considered precise if it facilitates easy access of crucial matters to the teacher. On the other hand, the data is said to be comprehensive if it delivers all the learning objectives effectively (“Harnett, County School,” 2009). Harnett County Schools teachers summarize notes in order to safe on delivery time. However, the teachers from these schools always avoid ambiguity that might make it impossible for other users to derive sense out of the data in question.  As such, teacher’s notes are well structured with proper headings, subheadings and well numbered statements (“North Carolina State,” 2012)

            Secondly, Harnett County School maintains a database containing student grades that is carefully managed. This information is extremely sensitive and equally important. To begin with, it is vital to note that both the students and the school administration rely on the student grades to gage the performance of the individuals and the entire institution. As such, both transparency and accuracy are paramount in the formulation of the database (“North Carolina State,” 2012). Harnett County Schools structures the database in a manner that limits unauthorized interferences. For instance, they ensures that students cannot alter their personal grades neither can the teachers modify the grades in a desire to do good elsewhere.

            Thirdly, class syllabi are included in the database. A class syllabus is a summary and an outline of programs to be dealt with in a training or education course. The class syllabus is set by North Carolina State Educational Board and evaluated by the quality assurance department. Therefore, the information stored in this section is made available to all the stakeholders. Though not sensitive, class syllabus is crucial and is always safeguarded against unauthorized alterations.             Fourthly, information regarding co-curricular activities are documented and stored in the educational database. Co-curricular activities are the non-academic programs recommended for students, which enhances leadership, interaction, healthy recreation, self-confidence and self-discipline. Due to their significance in the non-academic life of a student…

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