Essay | Quantitative Correlational Study’s Research

Answer the following questions and reply to at least two colleagues:

  • For the instructor assigned article this week, what research approach (basic vs. applied) is used in the study?
  • What is the specific type of the research method, qualitative or quantitative? Why do you think the author(s) choose this method? What is the specific research design for
    this study? Give a rationale for why you think the author(s) chose this design.
  • What other type of research design could be used for a study about this topic? Why would you choose to study the topic this way?

Post your initial response by 2359 Wednesday of Module 2  Posts must be substantive and reflect thought and effort in the discussion. Always remember to cite and reference your resources appropriately using APA format.  You should be using in-text citations in your initial response.  Use in-text citations as needed in your replies.


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