Ethnic and Racial Disparities in Education Attainment Discussion

To understand how people with influence or power can help, review the Individual Feature 7.3 on pg. 218 titled Frank McCloskey. Your responses to each bullet and provide supporting detail from the concepts in the chapter.

  1. McCloskey believes that corporations must “take the lead to close the educational and poverty gap across racial and ethnic lines” to build a future talent pipeline and sustain corporate business models. Do you agree that the racial and ethnic disparities in educational attainment discussed in this book may negatively affect corporations? If so, in what specific ways might corporations get involved with alleviating such disparities? Why might individual investors support corporations? Involvement in such efforts?
  2. What is the relationship between a country’s success and the ability of all its citizens to be free from injustice, educated, and participating in and benefitting from wealth creation?
  3. McCloskey believes that change must first begin in one’s immediate circle of influence- the family – and recommends adults be careful not to unintentionally teach children subtle forms of bias and prejudice. To what kinds of unintentional forms of bias and prejudice are children introduced by well-meaning adults who believe themselves to be unprejudiced?

Respond in detail.


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