Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior Discussion

1. Identify/name and throw in a photo of a product or brand that you would ALWAYS buy… that you love and would NEVER switch away!!!What factors have influenced your CONSUMER BEHAVIOR???(400 words)

When describing those factors, please include the factors represented in Figure 5.2 (attachment below). THINK…. Why are you addicted or hooked on a certain BRAND/or SERVICE??


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2. Identify a new product or NEW SERVICE that you have recently adopted into your daily lifestyle. Think about the steps of the Consumer Buying Decision Process as it relates to the way that you adopted this new product/brand. First, state the “NEW PRODUCT” that you have recently adopted. Then outline each stage in the adoption process and how you followed (or not) each of the stages. How long did you spend in each stage? Did you follow the decision process stages outlined in the chapter? Why or why not?(400 words). Figure 5.5 (attachment below)

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