Family and Society Studies – HSDP254

The report of an interview with a parent

Interviewee: a professional


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Interviewee’s place: Tim Horton

The interviewing date: March, 14th, 2015

  • How do you do to build a professional relationship with a parent?

A: Well, I’m always going to say: hey, how is going today” or “how are you.” and also I will always support them when they need help in family, or child educate area. So they know that they can come to me when they have those problems.

  • How do you help your child to solve problem if he/she has it, for example, someone took her/ his toy from her or 

A: Telling him a lot. Like “mom and daddy are leaving”, and always tell him we will be back to pick him up. Just talk to him before everything happen, and give him time to prepare.

  • How you wish to see your child grow up?

A: Learn self-construction, make decisions, make good friend, meeting the educational needs, and find his interest.

  • How you greeting to the daycare staff every day?

A: Say hello and talk to them sometime.

  • What’s your child’s favorite activity?

A: For outside of the daycare, he likes go to the park. We just play game in the park. He really likes to play imagination game.

  • What challenge you have for now?

A: Bed is a challenge for me. He never wants to go to sleep. He is my first child, so I don’t have so many experiences on taking care of children. For his age of child, they don’t listen to parent all the time. And he likes to say no to me.

  • Where do you feel your child’s strengths and weaknesses are?

A: he is smart, he is joyful. He is raising his self-esteem. His weakness is art. He more likes physical activities. He doesn’t like doing art works.

  • How do you prefer to communicate with family on any issues?

A: Just make conversation with the family.

  • How do you understand the policy in this daycare?

A: I awarded the policy from the beginning. I would like to coordinate if there is any change. I understand well about the policy in the daycare.

Report for the professional interview

I had an interview with a daycare professional that doubles as my landlord over her working relationship and how she maintains her work environment. This is a report on an interview I had with the daycare professional on her work environment, interesting moments and the challenges she faces as a child handlers. The report will be written based on the answers she has provided to the interview questions regarding her work and attitude.

As day care professionals, building a relationship with the parent of a child is critical for a long term working environment and improving the response of the child to different situations. I know she begins her interaction with every new parent through the use of polite approach which demonstrates her supportive and caring nature. Through such an approach, she is able to demonstrate to parents that their children are under the care of the right person and they can always reach out for her help in case they are faced with challenging situations. Solving conflicts among children under her care is a normal event that she approaches with caution and care. First, she engages kids in a brawl over different issues such as toys into a conversation in order to make them forget the contention and ease the strong feelings towards each other. Before any such a situation arises, she prepares them through constant communication and interaction with the kids as a way of reducing conflicts and tension (Shimoni & Baxter, 2012).

As a parent and child care professional, she would love to see her child grow through self-reconstruction, ability to make the right decisions and friends. Such decisions will enhance the ability of such a child to meet his educational goals and find interest in all that she endeavors to undertake. Every day, she meets and greets fellow daycare professionals through a simple hallo and has a small chat before the normal schedule can begin. Her child favorite activity is engaging in outside activities such as playing and having fun in the park. Playing games help her eases the tension and improve the ability of the children to pay attention during class hours (Shimoni & Baxter, 2012).

As a child care professional, she admits that making the kids go to bed is a main challenge as they are always playful and unwilling to have a bed rest. Lack of proper child experience is cause of the challenge as she has not had previous exposure on how to effectively make active kids have rest. Artwork is a common pastime for most children, however, she does not like art as a person and this affects her interaction and relationship with the child. Whenever an issue arises, she prefers to communicate with the family members and make them understand the extent of the challenge and the best way to address them. Such ability has enabled her to address numerous challenges that arise concerning her child and other members of the immediate family.

Understanding policy as a daycare professional is critical in the success of any employee in this sector. She has developed numerous ways of ensuring that she understands daycare policy and implementing such requirements without wasting resources and time. Once a policy has been communicated to her at the beginning of the session, she develops the right coordination approaches which enable her to understand them and effectively develop an intervention plan.

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