Feasibility Report

As a social enterprise with a goal of raising awareness and prevention of skin disease and skin cancer, the business idea is sustainable with support from the key stakeholders. In addition, UV defender expects a high desirability of their services in all the regions that the not profit enterprise intends to operate. The idea advanced by UV defender is also feasible because there are environmental concerns regarding the rays released and, as a result, majority of the population are in dire need of measures that can be taken to protect the skin. At the moment, a market gap exists in terms of providing services that create awareness of skin cancer and complications. As such, the UV defender can seal this gap because of it focuses on raising awareness and prevention of skin disease and skin cancer. In addition, the UV defender business is also feasible because the costs charged are fair and the majority of the population can access centers providing the services of UV defender.

Other than affordable costs and accessibility, people are also willing to purchase the services once available in the market, and this is important for the sustainability of the business. With regard to the glass manufacturing industry, UV defender can sustain its growth in the market because of its unique products. This is because other than manufacturing the glass UV defender will also add the UV protection on its products, and this gives the business a competitive edge. However, a major challenge for the business to enter the market involves raising the start-up capital. In this regard, the business idea advanced by UV defender seems unfeasible because of the high capital required. Conversely, while the business idea by UV defender is not a financial attractive venture for prospective investors with interest of generating profits, the goal of the UV defender is still significant to the society in terms of lowering the rate of skin cancer and skin disease. As such, the business still has a chance of soliciting for funds from key donors of nonprofit projects that promote a healthier society.


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