Global Marketing Plan

Global Marketing Plan

McCain Foods Marketing Strategy


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McCain Foods should plan to ensure that its market grows through investment and acquisition which include large purchases. It is essential to note that this company, having demonstrated earning power, acquiring businesses that earn good returns on equity as little or no interest should be employed. Furthermore, McCain Foods, in order to ensure its survival in the global market should ensure that it has a constant interest in making acquisitions of some of the most prominent brands in its line of business. The marketing of McCain products should not only be done at a local level, its marketing campaigns should also be conducted at a regional, national, and international level (Pike 622). This is the best way to ensure that these products reach a wider audience than they would normally have if marketing were done at only the local level. The professionalism of the marketing staff at McCain should enable it to effectively compete against other organizations attempting to market similar products and will help this company to develop an edge over them in the market. McCain Foods should always aim at being the best in the marketing of its products when compared to its rivals so that the relatively low level of its competitors in the marketing business will end up working towards showing that this company has the top quality of products available in the market.


McCain Foods should recognize that its global business should involve an understanding and sensitivity towards local cultures. In order to achieve this, McCain’s marketing should be done using all the media available, both visual and print, to ensure that a much wider audience is reached than normal. Such a move would work towards guaranteeing the success of this company’s products within the market for a long time since the marketing strategy adopted is one which retains the attention of its audience. One of the best means through which McCain Foods’ products can be marketed is online since there are billions of users of the internet who are often a ready audience (Powell and Sullins Ralls 233).  Because the internet is a leading tool in marketing, this is where most companies and other institutions go to when they need to acquire products for the use of their clients, and McCain should not be left out of this marketing strategy. Marketing online will ensure that the clients of this company stay up to date with the current products available so that they are able to get the best out of them.


McCain Foods, despite running the largest business of its kind in the world, is one which has many upcoming rivals and this requires that it builds a strong relationship with its customers to build and retain loyalty. In order to deal with the threats in the market, McCain Foods should begin customer relationship marketing so that it is able to understand specific customer needs and be able to leverage that into their products and services and improve on its profitability on a long-term basis (Christensen 38). This type of marketing can have dramatic effects on the performance of a company if it is implemented in a successful manner. Because it has an integrated management strategy rather than marketing, the use of customer relationship marketing at McCain should be able to achieve a sustainable relationship with the customer. This company will be able to gain a deep understanding of the balance between the needs of a customer and the benefits it can achieve by looking at the scenario from both sides. Understanding the decision making process of a customer will ensure that this company has an understanding that most decisions made by its customers are influenced by their emotions. In this way, the information processing capability of McCain ends up being a vital tool in the marketing of its products because it will assist in the integration of information from various sources hence enabling the company to increase its sales.

Pricing Objectives

This company should work to ensure that the interests of its clients are safeguarded in the market and it concentrates mainly on marketing its products and does this in a large variety of ways which ensures that these products receive a wide audience and that this audience is impressed enough to want to get the products (Wood, Pitta and Franzak 419). This company should also provide services at an advisory level to help their clients to make good decisions concerning the products that they can purchase. It can also make available enough resources that can be used for the study of the market to see how the trends are changing and what consumers want most and after learning all these, it can use such information to improve on its marketing strategies and in the process, providing good results. As a result of its reputation for providing only the best prices in the market, this company can be able to have very many customers and remain a leader in the market for many years to come despite the stiffening of competition from rivals.

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