HbA1c Monitoring – Audit

The use of the retrospective analysis of surgery records was used in obtaining diabetic patients. The analysis was useful in determining the prevalence rate of the two types of diabetes within the sample. Glycaemic control was improved through the review of the effectiveness of the interventions of the structure of the system. Interestingly, nearly half of the patients diagnosed by diabetes were aged 65years and above. Serious side effects among the diabetic patients is said to be caused by the use of anti-diabetes medicines and insulin among the elderly patients. The challenges facing the blood-glucose-lowering therapy for type 2 diabetes was revealed through a manual research that the issuance of prescription medicine was not done on a regular basis. Lowering the HbA1C was established as an important preventive mechanism for the short-term and long-term complications hence the need to set relatively high standards that were essential in achieving the target more realistically. The NICE guidelines provides that patients should have a blood test within a period of three months, but surprisingly many patients had not honoured the invitation to via text messages to go have the tests. Lack of knowledge and understanding of the English language was established as the cause of the same. Recall systems are important in ensuring the insulin therapy and the post-visit care are taken in ensuring the sugar blood level among the patients. It is for this reasons that the SMART approach was taken so as to enhance the effectiveness of the audit process in ensuring the same. In enhancing the efforts in the mitigation of diabetes, the reminders to patients need to be in other languages other than English. The nurses and doctors should offer education and enlightenment on the importance of taking HbA1c tests. It is also important that the staff are trained and motivated so as to enhance change among the patients.

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