Hospitality Management Case Study Report

TUI Group Case Study

Thomson has been a provider of holidays for individuals for almost half a century and it has gained a reputation for catering for its customers’ exclusive needs. Thomson consists of a diverse number of hotels and resorts which have been designed to take care of the different needs of its customers (Thomson, 2015). The hotels under this brand have specialized in ensuring that customers have the best holiday experience and this has made possible their continued loyalty to the brand. It has an extensive clientele of individuals from all over the world, the hotels under the Thomson brand being most favored by people from all over the world, especially from the western world. The hotels under this brand often have facilities especially designed to cater for the needs of this clientele, ensuring that they are likely to return. The hotels under the Thomson brand, especially have taken up a majority of the market segments within their locations and this is mainly because most of the facilities that clients might need, as well as entertainment are provided within these hotels. The hotels under the Thomson brand have a significant number of facilities that allow visitors who stay in them to enjoy themselves, and these include outdoor pools with sunbeds and parasols that are situated around the pools. Thus, these hotels have developed a relaxing environment for their customers where the latter are able to enjoy themselves during their stay. Furthermore, there is a variety of entertainment consisting of shows and sports which clients can enjoy every day of their stay and these ensure their relaxation. The accommodations within these hotels include single and twin rooms which allow guests to have a greater choice of accommodation.

Club Magic Life

Club Magic Life manages facilities owned and promoted by the TUI Group, which manages some thirteen-holiday clubs with a presence in Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece and Spain (Club Magic Life, 2015). All of Club Magic Life facilities are located near beach fronts, allowing guests to either relax on the beach or take a swim in the ocean. In this way, Club Magic has been found to be a destination that is highly popular in all regions within which it has operations. Club Magic Life caters for adult clientele, mostly from Europe and North America who seek to relax and be away from the daily rigors of their lives. It is essential to note that these clubs have been able to capture their clientele because of the apartments that are rented out to ensure absolute privacy. They contain numerous facilities such as pools, tennis and other sports amenities, which can be used to ensure that the guests are occupied as well as relaxed throughout their stay. These clubs are highly adapted to catering for their clients and this is in such a way that they always have professional entertainment teams throughout the week to ensure that their clients are relaxed and have a good time. The market segment of Club Magic Life is quite significant because in relation to its competitors, it has the capability of ensuring that it is able to provide the best facilities and entertainment so that its clientele keeps on coming back as well as spreading their experiences to others by word of mouth. This attracts others to try out its facilities and allows for the development of a better perspective of Club Magic Life.

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