HTM2010 Week 9

For enhanced confidence of customers, hotels must ensure that security is improved and all loopholes that can be exploited by terrorists are eliminated. Such a goal can only be achieved through the development of effective hotel security management strategies. First, hotels must have complete control of the access points in order to prevent criminals from accessing the facility and stealing the properties of the guests. Studies have shown that most hotels are vulnerable during off hours as no security personnel is assigned to manage the entrance, thus giving criminals free access (Nigo, 2014). Education of guests is also important in improving hotel security as such a move will make them realize the potential risks that they face within the hotel environment. Such a message should be passed across without affecting the expectations of the guests and making them believe that the facility is ill-equipped to take care of their safety (Nigo, 2014).

All rooms must be locked in order to ensure that strangers do not access them, a policy that must be communicated to the guests as they are registered into the hotel rooms. The front desk employees can also use such an opportunity to grill all guests and make them understand the need for staying staff through taking the right precautionary measure. Public areas must also be actively patrolled by the security personnel to ensure that no unwanted stranger is within the facilities including the public areas (Patrick, 2013). The installation of closed circuit TVs will ensure that all areas are under surveillance and any intruder is stopped before accessing the areas where the guests are located. Though hotel security is a role of the management, revelers must also play their part to remain safe by being vigilante and secretive about their room numbers and room keys.

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