Identify what they are and when they occurred, and briefly discuss their importance within the scope of the course.”

Identify what they are and when they occurred, and briefly discuss their importance within the scope of the course.” Truman Doctrine, Tiananmen Square, Perestroika, March on Rome, Nikita Khrushchev, Tutsi , Jan Palach, Pied-noir, Trench Warfare, Schlieffen Plan, Ho Chi Minh, Bataan March, Rape of Nanking, Dolores Ibarruri, Slobodan Milosevic, Setif Massacre, Five Year Plan, Proxy War, FLN, Ali La Pointe. ” The IDs are basically short-answer. In order to do one well, you should state what/who it is, when it happened, and why it is important. It should be a short paragraph, perhaps three or four sentences. For the exam: you should ONLY use your class notes and your assigned books/documents to study. IF you use the internet and quote it on the exam, this will be considered plagiarism. I just can use the book is [Sources of world societies volume 2: since 1450]

Truman Doctrine

            The Truman Doctrine refers to a global relations policy established orally by the United States president, Harry Truman. The policy that was established on 12th march 1947 stated that America would support Turkey and Greece with military and economic assistance to stop them from moving into the Soviet side. It is usually considered the trigger of cold war and the beginning of the containment doctrine to avert Soviet expansion.


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Tiananmen Square

            Tiananmen Square is an expansive city square located at the center of china city, Beijing. The square derived its name from Tiananmen gate situated to its north. Tiananmen Square forms the fourth biggest city square internationally. It has wonderful cultural importance as it is the site of numerous crucial occurrences in Chinese history.


            Perestroika refers to a political party for reformation founded in 1986. The party was within the communist movement of the soviet. It was widely linked to Soviet Union leader Gorbachev Mikhail and his glasnost policy reform. Perestroika literally meant restructuring of the economic and political system of Soviet Union.

March on Rome

            March on Rome refers to a march by which an Italian National Fascist party leader, Benito Mussolini rose to leadership in the Italy Kingdom. The march commenced on 22 October 1922 and extended until 29 October the same month. It was organized by Fascist party leaders, Italo…

Nikita Khrushchev

            Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev was a political leader who headed the Soviet Union sometimes during the cold war. He was the secretary to the communist movement …


The Tutsi or Abatutsi refers to an ethic group found in East Africa. Abatutsi forms a sub-tribe of the Barundi and the Banyarwanda people who leaves in Burundi and Rwanda respectively. However, there is a small number of the individual who reside in Uganda, Tanzania and in ….

Jan Palach             Jan Palach was a famous Czech student political and historical system at Charles University. He committed suicide in 1969 by…

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