Ill send two articles I need 3 more related to diabetes your choice try to make them congurent

Ill send two articles I need 3 more related to diabetes your choice try to make them congurent

The student will:
1. Demonstrate ability to critically read and analyze nursing research.
2. Examine the concepts of concrete thinking, abstract thinking, empirical world, reality testing, abstract thought processes, scientific theory, knowledge, and philosophy.
3. Critically appraise selected nursing research in providing care for individuals with selected healthcare problems.
4. Formulate a research problem based upon clinical experience and readings.
5. Develop a research proposal based on the research problem formulated.


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After completing the external research learning assignments and research critique further explore nursing research related to you area of interest. Develop a research question and a mini-proposal based on that question. In APA format develop a proposal addressing the criteria for grading below. All instructors will grade with grading rubric available on Blackboard.

Criteria Grading
1. Introduction
a. Identification of nursing research problem 5%
b. Purpose of the study 5%
c. Significance of the study 5%
2. Review of related literature 25%
3. Research Design (Quantitative or Qualitative) and the elements 
Of the design:
a. Setting 5%
b. Subjects 5%
c. Sample 5%
d. Data Collection 5%
e. Data Analysis 5%
f. Research Design Type 10%
4. Conclusion 10%
5. Ability to demonstrate critical thinking and written communication 
skills in a formal paper (APA format, grammar, inclusion of 
introduction, discussion, and conclusions) 15%


Diabetes also known as diabetes mellitus by doctors, refers to a range of metabolic disorders in which the patience experience high blood glucose, either due to inadequate secretion of insulin or due to failure of cells to respond appropriately to insulin. Patients with the problem typically experience polyuria, they normally become increasingly thirsty and hungry. Diabetes disease can be categorized into three distinct types. There is Type I Diabetes, Type II Diabetes and gestational diabetes.  A patient with type I diabetes experience a situation whereby the body fails to secrete insulin. It is the most common type of diabetes among the middle aged people. Type II diabetes patients produce inadequate insulin that does not meet the body requirements. Moreover, the cell of the patient develops resistance against insulin. The disease is common among the aged members of the society. Gestational diabetes, on the other hand, is a type of disorder that affects pregnant women (Megan &  Mary, 2013). Some ladies have extremely high levels blood glucose and their bodies fail to produce adequate insulin to transmit glucose into their body cells, leading to progressively increasing levels of glucose. The disease…

Research problem

            Diabetes is a major health risk in the entire world. Deaths related to the infection are claiming millions of energetic and productive members of the society every year. As such, medics and health professionals have a task to create awareness about the killer disease. Nurses …

Purpose of the study

            The main purpose of the study is to unearth the fate of the deadly infection among the young and the old. The infection has been in existence for the last several decades. However, it was not until last decade that it was noted as one of the major killer infection in the world. Previously, the disorder was common among the old people (Megan &  Mary, 2013). However, the …

Significance of the study

            It has been argued that diabetes is mostly caused by causes beyond human control. For instance, experts in genes have emphasized that 70% of the disorder is genetically inherited from relatives. However, in the recent study it has been noted that other causes within human control are also contributing a better percentage of diabetic cases. For instance, poor diet contributes to obesity conditions which subsequently results to diabetes. As such, medic have found it crucial to address ….

Article review

Pregnant Woman’s Knowledge about the Prevention of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus             Cases of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus have been persistently rising over the last 2 decades. Diagnosis of the infection has key implications for pregnancy care and management. On the same note, diet and a healthy lifestyle may substantially lower the risk gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Several studies…

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