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Marketing strategy

Primary and secondary target market for Boston pizza

Boston pizza targets a large market demographics with its products but emphasis are currently placed on male aged between 24 and 54 years due to their lifestyle and preferences. As a past time and fast food, Boston pizza products fit well into sports events and other outdoor activities such as track events. During these occasions, drinks and beverages are served and pizza is the best bite that such men look for in such outdoor setting and events. Though males frequent such events, Boston pizza targets a wide and diverse demographic including young and fun like female who are in the company of the male during such events (Hill 164).

This market target group desires a product that is easily available and meets the overall specifications of a sporting environment such as outdoor activities and sports. The preferences and wants of the target market are diverse and must be approached from a dynamic angle due to changes that can occur unexpectedly. The target market also has a spontaneous buying pattern, which is unpredictable but influenced by the situation that they are in including fun events. The consumption rage among the primary target is also high, the environment also affects this level, and the occasion in question like has been highlighted in the case of sporting events and other outdoor activities (Viardot).

Apart from the primary target, Boston pizza will also target the young elite working class who are spread in different offices across the country. To meet their needs, the company will deliver the pizza to the offices at specific times or develop a reliable ordering process for this target market (Viardot). The demographic of this market group is also diverse with male and female consumers targeted who work within the offices. The target market is made up of male and female workers aged between 20 and 30 who are connected through the social media platform.

Through their presence in different social media platform, this target market will make their orders to the company and the delivery of the products made immediately. The secondary target group prefers convenience, effective service and reliability due to their fixed schedule that prevents them from reaching most of the stores. As elite working class millennial, this category of the market has dynamic preference and taste that can change based on the events within the pizza industry in the town (Hill 164). Furthermore, the target market has a high consumption and disposition ability as their demographics are close to the first target market, which is millennial in their prime age.

Product strategy

Boston product strategy will enhance its market performance and improve the general attributes and accolades it receives from consumers. The product brand name will reflect market needs, consumer’s culture and majority’s desire within the targeted market. Boston pizza will be the brand used for all the products due to the popularity of the name and the recognition it receives from consumers in the market (Mimi). The products will be packaged in normal packaging materials in order to improve convenience, transportation and durability of the product especially for those that will be transported over long distances. The logos of Boston design will also be placed on each product in order to signify the image and marketing goals of the business within the region and beyond.

Distribution/supplies strategy

Products features that will enhance the experience of the target market will include proper packaging and use of safety storage materials; all the pizzas will be packaged in a polythene paper before placing into a carton to enhance safety and durability of the product. Additional flavors have also been included in the pizzas to enhance the experience of the customers and increase the tastes of the products, which may be different from what is currently available within the market. As part of the company’s differentiation strategy, Boston pizza has introduced drinks and beverages will accompany most of its pizzas into the market as a way of improving the experience of the customers (Joelle).

In addition to high quality product and personalized services, customers to Boston pizza are likely to enjoy the high value for their money by ordering for the company’s pizzas. The products are designed to meet the needs of the target market and the experience is enhanced through after sales service. Quantity discounts will also be available to returning customers to improve their experience with the company and increase the interests of other buyers. Monetary discounts will also be available to orders of more than five and the delivery will be provided from the point of sale to the customer residence as a way of ensuring that their experience is improved. The prices of the organization are thus benchmarked against quality of each product and the target market that each product is designed for (Mimi).

However, the company has also realized the need to create products that are more affordable to families and groups who are out for fun and are limited in finances. Because of this consideration, Boston pizza created a dollar menu that has over 10 items, which targets families and students whose ability to afford the other products may be limited financially. The company also operates different specials for breakfast in which they make a variety of pizza and make two available for only £2.This makes it possible for parents to afford the breakfast for their two children while buying them at the price of one pizza. This also makes it possible for people who may be feeling empty to buy two instead of one but at the price of a single pizza (Joelle). All these pricing strategies adopted by Boston pizza has enabled it to remain market centric and to offer products which do not just serve the interest of the customers, but are affordable to them while retaining their traditional quality.

Price strategy

Price is fundamental element in the marketing of a product for it defines the availability of the product to the customers and either makes it easily accessible or restricts the number of people who can access the product. It is also used to define the quality and value of a product which may affect the willingness of the customers to buy the products or not. At Boston pizza, the pricing approach incorporates a number of considerations which makes it possible for the customers to enjoy a product despite the limitation of their pockets. Most customers believe that Boston pizza price is a better treat for families and the price of the goods reflect their actual quality and value (Mimi).

As most of the customers to the stores are either students or families on holiday, the pricing strategy of the company is so flexible that it makes it possible for the two different groups of people to afford a product within the stores. However, Boston pizza believes that low price cannot be used as a tool of marketing as most customers relate low price to compromised and lower quality of goods.

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