Mass media as a socializing institution

The goal of this assignment is to investigate the role of the mass media as a socializing institution and how sociology can help us better understand the messages conveyed. In other words, you will examine how the media reinforces or challenges the structural and/or cultural aspects of our social world.

Requirements: Select 1 medium and interact with it for at least 2 hours: television, a movie, magazines, newspapers, the Internet or equivalent. The more time spent interacting, the better the data and paper will be. You will collect the data (i.e., your observations), report what you found and discuss your findings in a scholarly paper. 


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Mass Media


            The mass media refers to the diversified media technologies which are meant to reach a vast audience by means of mass communication.  The technologies via which these communications are conducted differs. Broadcast media for instance, radio, film, recorded music and television convey their information electronically. On the other hand, print media utilizes a physical thing such as magazines, book, pamphlet, newspaper or comics to disseminate their information. Similarly, outdoor media comprise of signs, placards, billboards, sports stadiums, buses and shops…

            A magazine refers to publications, commonly periodical publications and document, which are published electronically or printed. They are normally published on a consistent schedule and entail an assortment of data. They are usually funded by advertising, by prepaid subscriptions, by purchase price, or a blend of the three. At its foundation, the word “magazine” is used to mean storage location or a collection. In the case of printed book, it is an assortment of ….

            Teenage magazines refer to magazines intended for young adult readers. They commonly consist of news, fashion tips, gossips, interviews, love stories and may include stickers, posters, cosmetic samples and other products appealing to the young generation. A list of these magazines includes Popteen, Popstar, Just Seventeen and Sassy.

            Many of the publications portray a teen-age as a very precious yet delicate stage in life. A teenager is presented as a person who is mature enough to make independent …

Although the teenage magazines cover several topics regarding life of the young adults, there are main topics that feature in many of the publications. For instance, love life, fashion, cosmetics and beauty tips. Teenagers are known all over the world that they are in a stage of getting to know what love is. Many of the young boys and girls start engaging in sexual relationships at this tender age. Issues such as pregnancy, heartbreaks and other love sagas characterize their lives. As such, the …

            There is a rise in the publications and use of the teenage magazines internationally. This implies that more teenagers are accessing the publications on daily bases. One central message that the magazines are sending to the young generation is that they are mature enough to make independent decisions. This message has both its good and bad side. From a positive perspective, the message encourages the young to be responsible members of the society. They also motivate them to …

Furthermore, the magazines have been noted to be targeting certain ideas. These ideas include love, fashion and beauty.  The reason behind this is because the publishers of these documents are fully aware that other issues do not attract the attention of their target market. For instance, very …

Another thing that can be noted about the publications is the impact of the images and messages on the society. They images of different modes of dressing is influencing the dressing mode of the young people and society at large. For instance, young girls learn to wear clothes that expose most of their body parts. In most of the world society, such mode of dressing is considered immoral and unacceptable. The messages relayed through the publications also affect the life of …

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