Organizational Culture Analysis Paper

Symbols of culture are called artifacts. Artifacts are the most visible and accessible level of culture. These include behaviors, stories, rituals (everyday practices that are repeated frequently), and symbols (e.g., company logos, company colors). For example, the president of a company volunteering at Habitat for Humanity is an artifact of culture. An example of symbols as an artifact of culture is Ashford University’s shield that serves as our logo and is printed on transcripts, diplomas and letterhead paper. Submit a two- to three-page paper (excluding the title and reference pages) describing the culture of either your current or past place of employment. 

Your paper should provide examples of and address each of the following topics: 


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a.Observable artifacts 
b.Espoused values (These are what organizational members say they value, like ethical practice.) 
c.Enacted values (These are reflected in the way individuals actually behave.) 

In addition, describe how each item listed above impacts the values and culture of the organization.


Organizational culture, also known as corporate culture, refers to the human behaviors within an organizational environment. This include the norms, values, working language, systems, visions, symbols, habits and beliefs that organizational members exercise during their daily tasks (Morimoto-Yoshida, 2008). It is as well the pattern of these assumptions and behaviors that are made known to new corporate members in an attempt to make them perceive, think and feel the organization in a unique way. Corporate culture influences the way groups and people interact amongst themselves, with clients and with all stakeholders (Iandoli & Zollo, 2008). On the other hand, organizational artifacts refer to the symbols of culture. They form the most accessible and visible level of culture. They consist of stories, rituals behaviors and symbols. This paper addresses organizational culture of Citibank, a firm that I ….

                  Five years ago I was working with Citibank as an operational manager. The firm is a multinational company that provides financial services to clients globally. The multinational firm was founded in early 1812 and named City Bank and located in New York City. It forms…

                  Like any other organization Citibank have organizational culture with observable artifacts, espoused values and enacted values. Firstly, an observable artifact refers to the physical manifestation of corporate culture. Examples of artifacts include manner of dress…

                  The company defines values as the opinion of individuals on crucial daily events regarding the firm. The company has culture that focuses on the customers and values that are common among all employees. For instance, some of the values of the ….

                  Secondly, espoused values refer to the explicitly demonstrated norms and values that are given priorities by firms. City bank espoused values have been in existence since its foundation. The most espoused value is the one that encourage organizational members to act with integrity (Phillips & Gully, 2012). The principle encourages all stakeholders to always …

       Lastly, Citibank demonstrates some strongly enacted values. Enacted values refer to the habits vividly demonstrated by corporate members. They are commonly defined by the firm and exhibited by the employees. The mainly enacted value at Citibank is one that encourages corporate members to act and think like an owner. These values encourage employees to support Citibank’s strategic priorities and goals. This involves an encouragement to break down silos, protect firm’s assets and spend funds responsibly. The value…

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