Performance Standards

Discussion 1

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Performance Standards

Describe the relevance of performance standards for today’s knowledge-directed workers, and how their use will result in a more competitive compensation and benefit strategy.

Guided Response: Respond to these two classmates’ posts that is listed.

Please respond to Erica Hawkins post

The performance standards for today’s knowledge-directed workers can be adjusted to reward them to learn new skills or knowledge using skill- or knowledge-based pay. Weathington & Weathington (2016) explain that, “Under this system, employees can receive a reward—a bonus or a pay increase—for factors such as learning how to operate a particular type of machinery, learning a computer program like SPSS or Microsoft Excel, learning to speak a new language, or obtaining a bachelor’s degree” (Sec. 6.7). It makes sense that a company would pay more to those willing to learn a skill that would make them more productive. In manufacturing there are roles that support all three departments. During the job design process management had to identify how this role would be filled. Back, Reilly, & Minnick (2014) expound, “… job design occurs when managers determine the tasks needed to be done, who will do them, and the selection criteria to be used to choose employees and place them on the job” (Sec. 4.2). Management decided to use the compression department to fill those roles. These roles involve driving a forklift. A compression specialist will learn these roles but be required to still stay current in their compression responsibilities. Until recently these roles were filled voluntarily, but as new people come in there seems to be less interest in these roles. If we were to start giving an hourly premium for them, there would be more interest in learning the role. I wonder how having that extra role for the compression department would affect the job analysis. Youssef-Morgan (2015) highlight that, “Job analysis is critical for hiring the right workforce for specific jobs (Cascio & Aguinis, 2005)” (Sec. 1.6). Compression’s core role is running a tablet press, driving forklift is very different from compression’s core role. Do you think having secondary roles that differ so much from the core role is a good practice? How would these secondary roles affect the selection and job analysis process?


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Please Respond to David Geren post

According to Indiana University “performance standards provide the employee with specific performance expectations for each major duty. They are the observable behaviors and actions which explain how the job is to be done, plus the results that are expected for satisfactory job performance” (, 2005, para 1).

An employee’s performance is typically documented through a performance management system in the form of an appraisal. “the key elements for an effective performance appraisal system include a valid job analysis, clearly communicated and understood written instructions, two way communication about appraisal results, and, if multiple raters are involved, the amount of agreement between them, (Weathington and Weathington, 2016, sec 5.1, para 18).

Thomas Davenport states that although most jobs require a base of knowledge, knowledge workers “have high degrees of expertise, education or experience, and the primary purpose of their jobs involves the creation, distribution or application of knowledge” (“Horses,” 2006).

I wanted to provide the preceding information about performance standards, appraisal systems and knowledge-directed workers so the relevance of performance standards would be clearer. Performance standards are relevant for today’s knowledge workers because they establish clear cut, documented expectations of what the organization expects. If the expectations are measurable they can be tied to compensation and benefits, produce more, earn more. Coupling them affords an organization the opportunity to not only recruit at a higher level, but to retain those in the company that are producing at a high level. In theory an organization could use different or more robust compensation and benefits packages for this type of employee.

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