Please submit a 500 word assignment on Hydraulic Fracturing — Fracking in the USA covering the following topics :

Please submit a 500 word assignment on Hydraulic Fracturing -- Fracking in the USA covering the following topics :
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Hydraulic Fracturing in the USA


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            Hydraulic fracturing refers to a well-intervention technique which involves fracturing of a rock using s hydraulically pressurized fluid. The liquid is usually compost sand suspended in high density fluid and chemicals. The technique is commonly used in wells for tight gas, shale gas, coal seam gas and tight oil. In United States, the approach started in 1949. Studies indicate that the technique has been applied in over two million gas and oil wells since its invention. The analysis in the subsequent ….


To start with, the technique entails injection of a high pressurized fluid into a well to form cracks inside the deep-rock formations. As a result, petroleum, brine and natural gas start to flow more freely and efficiently. Removal of the hydraulic pressure from the well, tiny particles of hydraulic fracturing treated-sand hold the breakages. Consequently, the deep-rock gain geological equilibrium. More than one million gallons of uncontaminated water, sand and various chemicals substances are injected into horizontally drilled mines as deep as 9000 feet below the …


            There are various disadvantages of the technique that is now used in more than 10 wells in the United States. First and foremost, although the method has improved employment level, the available vacancies do not benefit the local communities. This is because of the high skilled manpower that is demand by the mechanism and which is not readily available. Hence, the technique tends to benefit foreigners while the locals suffer.  Secondly, although the approach has increased the supply of gas and oil in the United States, it is not clear whether the trend is sustainable for long. Scientists claims that the impact of the chemicals used in the process is still unclear and may result in devastating consequences in the long run. Proponents of the technique suggest that the method has the potential to convert United States into the largest energy producer in the world. However, the anticipated negative impact of the process may surpass the benefits (Agarwal, Carter & Pollock 365). Thirdly, there is a concern regarding the amount of water used in the process. For instance, a single process consumes millions of water gallons. This generates fear that the process might result in water shortages in future. Moreover, there is also fear of contaminating underground water source. Lastly, property owners and locals have complained about the compensation processes by government and private …

My views             Hydraulic fracturing is a good technique that helps to improve the level of oil and gas production. However, the damages and potential threats of the method are devastating. Furthermore, the undesirable impacts of the process

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