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Topic: Current State of American Congress


            The legislative function of the government is executed by congress. The organ is one of the three arms of the United States federal government (United States Constitution N.P). This analysis paper will focus on the nature of the house and its primary functions. Moreover, the paper will address the challenges that have faced the organ in the recent past. This includes the inability to execute its mandate effectively and efficiently in accordance with the constitutional provisions. In details, the analysis will evaluate the proposed statutory and proposed changes that are aimed at enhancing the organ and reviving it again.  


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1.0 Proposals

            The current legislative body of United State is composed of senate and House of Representatives. According to political analysts, public opinion and views of administrators, the    113th congress is one of the worst performing legislatures in the history of United State.  The sitting president, Barack Obama, started his second term with high hopes of working with congress to deliver his pledges to the electorates. But the hopes turned into disappointments immediately after getting into the office. In 2013, the body discussed and passed 58 bills only (Maltzman, Mark, Shipan and  Zilis 17). Besides, most of the past bills dealt with minor issues such as transfer of federal funds and naming …

1.1 Compel Members to Report to Work

            First and foremost, there is a statutory proposal that intends to compel members of congress to start appearing in all the house discussions. Political scientists assert that the major cause of the failures and disappointments experienced in the house is due to constant absenteeism of a good number of members. The persistent nonattendance of numerous members inhibits the process of discussing and passing law. Moreover, some of the few members who show up often leave before the house adjourns. The proposed statutory changes intend to introduce various regulations. Firstly, there is a proposal to introduce a 5-day workweek. Proponents of the idea suggest that the members of legislature should work for similar days as other state employees. Secondly, a coordinated work schedule ought to be implemented. It is important to note that the senate and the House of …   

1.2 Budget Regulation

            Secondly, there is a proposal to amend the law governing the budgeting process. The most important function of the congress is to prepare the budget. It is also the role of the body to ensure proper use of the public funds. However, the house has failed to execute the responsibility effectively. For instance, annual expenditure bills have been executed a couple of months late in the last 5 years. As a result, public funds are misused and wasted. Moreover, when no bills are passed, the congress relies on impermanent expenditure measures referred to as continuing resolutions. The arrangement provides the finances federal organs require to execute their mandate based on the amount spent by the individual agencies in the previous year. However, continuing resolution fails to provide any chance for fundamental issues of speeding to be addressed by congress. A situation has been experienced where the house spends and then questions the expenditure process later. This is contrary to the public interest. The failure to pass budgets in time have lend to several challenges. For instance, the medical department has been forced to postpone grants for medical research (Collins N.P). On the same note, the defense department has been compelled to delay critical maintenance and research activities due to insufficient funds. This has resulted to deteriorating state of security in the land. As such, there is a proposal that claims that members of congress should not receive their pay until they clear all the delayed …

2.3 Creation of Bipartisan Leadership Committee

            Thirdly, there is a proposal to compel party leaders to create bipartisan leadership committee. The change is aimed to avert a bill passed in 1983 that allowed leaders to keep social security inactive. Over the years, the 1983 bill has occasioned a situation where the party leaders have been working together for their personal benefits. As such, private and personal interests are given more attention than public interest. As a result, various administrators suggest that a bipartisan committee would help resolve the congressional failures (Smith, Jason and Wielen 7). The committee should be formed by party leaders and should aim at deliberating on legislative issues and substantive resolutions. The committee would hold weekly or monthly meetings with the American president and report the legislative ..

2.4 Avoidance of Destructive Campaigns

            Fourthly, it is proposed that members of the congress should not engage in destructive campaign against their opponents from the other party. The current law does not prohibit such negative campaigns. Therefore, several members of both houses actively campaign against colleagues. This situation destroys trust among the legislatures and hence makes it hard for any bill to go through. In the past,   there existed informal laws that discouraged this phenomenon (Chafetz 2073). For instance, it was regarded as being unethical for any party leader to fight non-constructive battle with their opponents. However, the customs have been discarded and replaced with the unhealthy habit. The current proposal is aimed at ensuring that the habit stops and to reduce the animosity that exist between party leaders (Mann and Norman 5). This implies that they should not appear in undesirable ads, no taking of dirt politics to the opponents’ electoral area and no signing of unethical direct mails. However, party members are allowed to campaign and support their party candidate. These resolutions…

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