Read the Harvard Business Review Case Study: Leadership Development Perk or Priority?

Case Study Assignment

Read the Harvard Business Review Case Study: Leadership Development Perk or Priority? by Idalene F. Kesner. Prepare a proposal for Barton to present to Palmer for a customized leadership development program that includes coaching. In your proposal, make sure to discuss:


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1. The financial value of great leaders to the company. In particular, what are the outcomes that can be expected if they develop “great” leaders as that term is used by Zenger & Folkman in The Extraordinary Leader.  Include references to quantitative data here.

2. The group of employees, based on their career stage, as that term is used by Dalton & Thomson, that should be the focus of the program.

3. The design of the program.  How will you determine who should participate in the developmental programs? What do you advocate for skill development for the participants? How will you measure skill development?

4. Explain the role that coaching will play in the development program. How will you use coaching? What, if any, leadership development will be aimed at developing the ability of participants to act as coaches? 

Your proposal should be no more than 5 pages, double-spaced, and with a font no smaller than 12 pt.

Something to consider:

What are the undisputed facts?

a) Actions affecting Barton’s interests?

b) About Palmer & Stockton’s interests?

c) About Barton’s interests?

How should Barton “make her case” for executive education?

Make her case: advocate for what she wants

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