Roles That Labor Unions Play | Discussion

According to the short assigned articles, particularly “What’s Behind Union Decline?”, and both “How Unions Help Cocktail Servers”, and “Reagan vs. Patco – The Strike that Busted Unions“, labor unions in the U.S. have declined more than in other countries (including the United States” more globalized” neighbor to the north).

Using the content of these above articles which in part discuss the differences between institutions and policies in different countries and their effects on the balance of power between workers and employers, as compared to and within the U.S. explain:


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a. Why have the number of workers represented by unions fallen in the United States over the last few decades?

b. And, Is globalization by itself, a plausible explanation?

Note: you must write a concise answer and use concepts of balance of power, collective bargaining, negotiations, strikes and costs for both the employer and union, etc. as explained in the articles, other reading, and the textbook. Use your readings, videos and textbooks and reference your sources in your written assignment. For more information on Roles That Labor Unions Play read this:

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