NOTE: Be specific with everything, provided data analysis, and supporting arguments. Also, if scholarly sources support having a specific executive board of certain expertise in this business over let’s say, going into the restaurant business, please annotate that.


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About Beginnings
Beginnings Baby Food (the “Company”) is the only meat based baby food brand targeting markets with products being kosher and organic friendly, appealing to a broader audience. Management believes the Kosher designation is highly valued by consumers in the food marketplace and that it represents a mark of quality and trustworthiness made without hormones, pesticides, additives, and fillers, not found elsewhere. The value of this perception cannot be overestimated in the baby food market, where quality is the primary motivator for baby and toddler nutrition. While the USDA and FDA are government institutions, Kosher certification answers to a higher authority. For decades, Kosher hot dogs and other meats have been a mainstay of the American diet, and consumers who buy Kosher span a wide variety of ethnic, religious and social circles. Beginnings Baby Food manufactures a puree, Glatt kosher baby food consisting of 4 varieties: beef, chicken, turkey and vegetarian. Kosher production prohibits the use of any drugs, hormone,antibiotic, or miscellaneous protein that is administered or added to the feed of an animal. So, while kosher meats are not strictly USDA Organic, they are understood by consumers to meet strict standards of care, feeding and slaughter.

Current State
Beginnings Baby Food is still in its primary stages. At the moment, our most immediate goal is beginning production on a small scale with the plan to test our products in local markets. This, while also building a sales history that would allow future investors to understand Beginnings Baby Food’s success on a small scale. I have formulated its initial product line for 1st stages. Sourced packaging, manufacturing equipment and real estate.

Project Scope
The global baby food market is $41.5 billion and growing 9% annually. This growth rate is double the rate of growth seen on average in the supermarket, and is driven largely by the introduction of natural and organic foods. The baby food market excluding formula and toddler nutrition is over $2 billion in the US alone, making it an attractive sector with a great many opportunities for new entrants. The growth of the past few years and the success of new organic brands helps highlight a broad flight to quality. Food scandals, outbreaks of food-borne illness, concerns over China and worldwide insecurity about the supply chain for food have driven consumers into a frenzy for trustworthy, healthy options for their families. This is a broad trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

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