Secondary Research Project

Secondary Research Project

Due in Class #2, Week #3


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As of May, 2015- SRL

Must be submitted on SafeAssign.

Individual Project

Propose an individual Research Topic based on a current Business Problem/ Opportunity. Email me a description of your proposed topic.

Once you receive topic approval from me, commence digging for secondary Research on that topic.

Compile the Secondary data into a readable, well-structured, neat and complete Findings Report quoting Multiple Sources, using proper Citation.

Be sure to comment on the reliability of all Secondary sources using the CRUMMMS criteria wherever appropriate

The Report will be graded based upon the thoroughness of your ‘dig effort’, on the clarity, insight and completeness of your interpretive insight, and on whether the findings adequately addressed the Businesss Problem/ Opportunity.

Suggested Format

  • Exec Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Figure List
  • Statement of the Business Problem/ Opportunity
  • Category Background: category size, growth, target consumers, market share, channels of distribution, PESTL factors (regulatory barriers, etc)

 BONUS: Cite a credible unbiased ongoing source for breaking news (blogger, author, journalist, organization, industry Opinion Leader, etc)

  • Detail Findings: relevant Details in tables, figures, etc with sourced cited + CRUMMMS  commentary.
  • Findings Summary, Implications & Recommendations: What the data means with respect to the Business Problem/ Opportunity you identified + what should be done next from a Research perspective (ie identify the ‘info gaps’).
  • Sources
  • Appendices

Secondary Data:

Double-check this about your source:

  • Credibility of the source (check: industry, source)
  • Recency eg style/tech customer needs change fast!
  • Units (don’t settle for ‘litres sold’ if you need ‘$’)
  • Methodology (pro’s cons, fit, risks)
  • Motive of those who funded it
  • Multiple Sources: it takes work to validate (worth it though!)
  • Sizable Samples & Segments:   are all segments covered? A sufficient number/ratio of ‘completes’?


Secondary Market Research Website:

Use PMB, Mintel,Marketline, Passport GMID from the library to search.

MLA Citation Guide:

Business Report from Library

Research from Website:

Login: jlong12    pin: 12Feiji.


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