Statement of Purpose for MBA application

Statement of Purpose for MBA application

Throughout my life, I have interacted with people from diverse parts of the world, both in social and professional settings. Although I was born in Europe, where I spent much of my early life, I have had the opportunity to live in various parts of North and South America, and these experiences have greatly shaped my perception of the business world. Primarily, it has helped me to appreciate the importance of understanding business from an intercultural perspective, especially in view of the emergence of the current globalized market community. In fact, one of the key attractions that INCAE Business School holds for me include the fact that its student body comprises of a diverse people from all over the world supported by an equally diverse staff of highly accomplished tutors. Furthermore, I was impressed with their curriculum and hands-on experience they offer in the classroom as well as with their internship opportunity and its strong ties to Harvard Business School. Owing to being naturally critical before selecting INCAE, I undertook a thorough study of its profile. The biographies of some professors especially Arturo Condo and Enrique Alvaro’s caught my attention, given their invaluable contributions in their respective field of specialization. I would feel both honored and humbled for a chance to study under the mentorship of such an accomplished lecturer whose work transcends classroom theory.


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My objective in pursuing an MBA is to widen my skills and experience, with the intention of deploying them at the helm of Fortune 500 Company, whereby I will draw on the experience gained to start my own marketing/business development consulting company. I am aware that my ambitions appear lofty, but that is the very reason I chose INCAE because am confident that the school that developed a professor of Arturo Condo caliber, can help me to attain both my career, academic and life goals. I am an astute researcher, and particularly I have an eye for details, which helps me in identifying and rectifying flaws in plans or even abstract strategic concepts. Given a chance to study at this institution, I hope not only to improve on my known skill, but also for its environment to bring out other attributes in myself that, I am not aware of. While admitting that I have a great deal to learn from INCAE, I like to think of myself, as someone who leaves a place better than they found it. To this end, my scholarship will not only be designed to propel me to the heights of intellectual excellence, but also to engender and even improve the expectations the institution has for its students.

One way through which I hope to add value to the institution and myself is by capitalizing on the available wealth of human and intellectual capital to carry out incisive research on various issues affecting the globalization of business. I am aware that, in order to run a fortune 500 company, I must be cognisant of the covert international dynamics; therefore, I will endeavor to study the ways in which the current geopolitical trends will affect the future of the global “marketplace”. According to me, research on such topics is more than just an action done in partial fulfillment of the course requirement. This is because my motivation is largely intrinsic and future-oriented since I am always trying to come up with ways to understand the world in which I will build on future success. Finally, I cannot think of a more suitable institution that can offer a better intellectual and practical mix in which my ambitions can be realized than INCAE.  

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