Subsystem: Education


This assignment is focused on exploring the educational system in Sentinel City®. By completing this assignment, health professional students will identify social ecological frameworks used for health promotion and gain an understanding of how the educational system within a community can have an impact on the health of its residents. Mayor Franklin Hill is available to share his perspective about the education system in Sentinel City®(SC).


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Assignment Instructions

1. Review the following resources:

a. Course textbook and/or other assigned readings

b. Meet with Mayor Hill to obtain information about the education system in SC in general.

c. Review the demographics of your selected SC comminuty, including reportable infectious diseases as well as birth and death rates

2. Recommended Supplemental Resources:

a. Golden, D. S. & Earp, J. L. (2012). Social ecological approaches to individuals and their contexts: Twenty years of health. Health Education & Behavior, 39(3), 364-372. DOI: 10.1177/1090198111418634

b. Social Ecological Model

c. The Institute of Medicine (2014). Understanding the relationship between education and health: A review of the evidence and an examination of community perspectives. Zimmerman, E. & Woolf, S.H. (2014). Understanding the relationship between education and health.

d. Download and review the free pdf: Promoting health: Intervention Strategies from Social and Behavioral Research (2000).

3. Enter SC® and begin the bus tour.

4. As you tour your community, consider the following: the number of public or private schools and the physical condition of the schools if present. If not present where is the closest school for the community residents? Is here an indication that children walk or take the bus to school? Do parents transport their children to school? Is there a public library? If not, where is the closest? Are there public and/or private daycare centers or preschools? If not, where do the residents find these services?

5. What role does the educational system have on determinants of health?

6. What is not apparent that you would expect to see in a community related to the subsystem-education?

7. Based on your observations, make two recommendations to Mayor Hill that may strengthen this subsystem and provide a rationale for each of your recommendations.

8. Develop an individual and/or community-level intervention related to a health concern that can be impacted by the educational system.

9. For questions, contact your Academic Coach.

Learning Objectives

· Recognize the relationship between education and health

· Identify health indicators related to education

· Discuss the benefits of education at the individual and community level

· Identify social, ecological models of health promotion

· Develop individual and community level interventions related to education

Subsystem: Education
Observations related to the education system in Sentinel City®Two Recommendations to Strengthen Education SubsystemEvidence-Based Rationale*Cite sources & create a reference listImpact or Relationship to Determinants of Health
Individual Level Educational Intervention
Population:Health Concern:Proposed Intervention:
Community Level Educational Intervention
Population:Health Concern:Proposed Intervention:


AACN Public Health Essentials

This assignment addresses the following AACN Public Health Essentials:

· Essential II: Basic Organizational and Systems Leadership for Quality Care and Patient Safety

· Apply systems theory to PHN practice with individuals, families, and groups.

· Essential III: Essential III: Scholarship for Evidence-Based Practice

· Use epidemiologic data and the ecological perspective to identify health risks for a population.

· Essential VII: Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Optimizing Health

· Practice evidence-based public health nursing to promote the health of individuals, families, and groups.

· Essential IX: Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice

· Use basic descriptive epidemiological methods when conducting a health assessment for individuals, families, and groups.

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