Trace the evolution of the blues from its earliest inception to the final years of our study.

Question 1

  1. Trace the evolution of the blues from its earliest inception to the final years of our study. As this phrase evokes differing images, describe the blues in as many ways as you have found it to exist in our study of American popular music. Include in your essay at least six specific artists and six song titles to support your conclusions.

Question 2

  1. Consider the effects of psychedelia on popular music of the mid-sixties. Begin your discussion by describing the term; explain how this phenomenon originated, and conclude your remarks by demonstrating the specific effects of it on the music covered this term. Include in your discussion all relevant artists who were influenced by psychedelia, and cite a minimum of six songs to support your conclusions.



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Blues and Psychedelic Music

1. Blues

            Nothing much is known concerning the precise origin of the blues music. No exact year can be identified as the foundation of the blues basically because the music style developed over a long epoch. In fact, it existed before the modern term blues was invented and before the music style was exhaustively documented. Ethnomusicologist Kubik Gerhard traces the origin of numerous elements of blues to the African territory. One early mention of blues’ idea came from an archaeologist from Mississippi in 1901. The archaeologist associated the black workers’ songs to current blues because they had similar technical elements and lyrical themes.

            Currently, blues forms a very popular music genre, celebrated by both young and middle-aged people in American and the entire world. Blues songs generally deals with love issues and social matters. Over the years, various artists have flourished in the blues industry.  Some of the well-known artists include Snooky Pryor, Jimmy Reed, Jimmy Rogers, Matt Schofield, Reggie Sears and Ian Siegal. On the other hand, some of the celebrated blues include Crazy Blues, Spoonful, Juke, T-bone Blues, Al Your …

2. Psychedelic Music             Psychedelia is a term referring to subculture of individuals who take psychedelic drugs while performing psychedelic music. This kind of music covers famous genres which are greatly enhanced by Psychedelic culture. It emerged in mid-1960s and was popular among blues rock and folk rock bands in Britain..

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