Values and Attitudes Essential to Building Relationships and Partnering with Families

As you have been learning, understanding your own values and beliefs and how they impact your interactions with others is critical to building effective partnerships and communicating with families. Often, however, we do not understand our own values and belief systems and how they impact our world view until we interact with systems that differ from our own.
In this discussion, you will have an opportunity to explore underlying values and beliefs that may impact your communication and relationships and families. Review the article “The Role of Self-Values and Attitudes portions of the Self-Assessment Checklist for Personnel Providing Services and Supports in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Setting.
After you have reflected on the result:
. Your definition what it means to be a culturally competent communicator
.Ways in which your values and attitudes may impact your effectiveness in developing thriving relationships and partnerships with families
.An overview of the ways in which you believe you need to grow and develop with regard to cultural competence in the areas of communication.

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Values and Attitudes Essential to Building Relationships and Partnering With Families

A culturally competent communicator can be defined as someone with an extreme ability to interact with all people regardless of their cultural differences. Such an individual appreciates and respects the existence of other human beings. The character has clear understanding of other people’s culture as well as his own culture (Larry, Richard, Edwin & Carolyn, 2012). He or she will have the ability to make and maintain friends at all costs. He or she also has the potential to solve human..

Values are the main beliefs of an individual and are the guidelines of how each and every person conducts his or her life. They are the core principles that you posses and they differ from one person to another (Larry, Richard, Edwin & Carolyn, 2012). Examples of values include honesty and respect among others. If you score high you will be more preferred than those who late low in values. This is because those who posses positive values such as honesty are more human and tend to be considerate and very reasonable. In the family setting positive values result into harmonious living and good co-existence. It is such values that help to reduce family disagreements and to establish peace within a family through using reasonable ways of settling disputes. Apart from being able to maintain good relationship within the family, people with this characteristic are also able to extend good relationship with…..

Attitudes on the other hand, represent your perspective of other people or things. It is all about your likes as well as your dislikes. You either have positive or negative attitudes towards somebody or something and rarely you will find yourself anywhere in between (Furnham, 2008). If you score high in attitudes, meaning you have positive attitudes towards somebody or something, you are likely to appreciate the existence or the condition of that individual or thing and the opposite will….

Developing in cultural competence especially in communication is very crucial to everyone. This is because it enhances your relationship with the outside world. There are ways you can develop this ability in case you lack it. To start with it is good to understand you…

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