This assignment requires that you write a minimum two (2) page (double spaced) review of a film that you feel is particularly useful in relaying some aspect of human geography.  In this review you should emphasize one particular facet of human geography: the cultural geography, economic geography, political geography, social geography or people-environment relations in the place or region in which your film is set.  While doing this you may comment on how the film depicts other aspects of interest to geographers (physical geography, geomorphology, biogeography, climatology) but you must make a point of identifying a particular aspect of geographic inquiry in the film. 


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Engage in this assignment as though you were trying to convince me to use a particular film to display a certain facet of human geography during a week when I will be covering a particular region in the future (i.e. “Gandhi” during the South Asia Week).  Why is the film you suggest useful in teaching about a particular region of the world?  How does the film portray a particular aspect of human geography?  What should I point out as particularly important before, after, or during the film?  What would you want students to walk away from this film knowing or thinking about?

This is your opportunity to be the professor.  Teach your fellow students about a world region and a topic of importance in that region.  You could also imagine you are on the committee to choose the films that will be screened during a future World Regional Geography Film Series at KU.  You want this to be a continuing series that will educate and entertain KU Students well into the future. 

Some discussion of the plot is expected but be sure to provide a majority of geographic analysis in this essay. Be sure to appropriately cite any sources that you employ. This paper must be turned in through Blackboard.


Gandhi Film Review

            Human geography forms one of the key sub-sections of geography subject. It is a branch of social sciences concerned with the study of the world’s people, societies and cultures. It emphasizes on the relationships of and across place and space. The discipline is different from physical geography in that it mainly focuses in study of human activities. As a discipline, this field of geography is dynamic in regard to its hypothetical approaches and methods of study. Study of human geography can be done through documentaries and films. This paper examines a film that I …

            Gandhi refers to a 1982 biographical movie which illustrates the life of Karamchand Gandhi. Gandhi was an Indian leader of the non-violent and opposition movement against the ….

            The movie opens with assassination of Gandhi in 30th January, 1948 and his subsequent funeral. After an afternoon prayer, the aged Gandhi is escorted out for his field walk to meet admirers and greeters. One of these people he meets is Nathuram Godse who shoots him direct in the chest. The elderly Gandhi falls down in pain and eventually dies. The movie then proceeds to a huge procession during the funeral of the world most admired man which was attended by diplomats from all corners of the world. However, this first episode illustrates the last days of the famous man. The movie properly begins and proceeds as illustrated in the subsequent sections. The youthful life of Gandhi is not captured in the movie. Instead, the analysis flashes back fifty five years to a life-changing occurrence. In 1893, Gandhi was kicked out of a train in South Africa for exhibiting the Indian complexion and making the mistake of using the first class cubicle of the train despite possessing a ticket. This experience made him realize that Indians were being discriminated against and hence he set himself to form a non-violent campaign for the basic human rights of poor Indians in South Africa. The movement was vibrant and protested all forms of discrimination against Asians in the region…

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