Write a 330-650 word essay that summarizes the research findings of the article entitled “Music lessons enhance IQ.”

Write a 330-650 word essay that summarizes the research findings of the article entitled “Music lessons enhance IQ.” Using information from the text, lecture, and any other sources. you will identify the hypothesis, the research variables, characteristics of the participants, type of measures used, data collection methods, authors' conclusions, and limitations of the findings. 	


Music Lessons Enhance IQ


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Hypothesis, Variables, Characteristics of Participants and Measurement Method

            The survey is aims at directly testing and confirming the hypothesis that assert that music education transforms to useful cognitive intelligence. The investigator applied an experimental research design in which random assignment of 6-year-old kids sample was subjected to control and experimental groups (Schellenberg 511). The kids were categorized into one of the 4 teams: two control teams received either no lessons or drama lessons and two experimental groups received either voice or keyboard lessons. The surveyor measured learners Intelligence Quotient (IQ) at baseline before the lessons started and after successful completion of xxx showed that kids who participated in the music category demonstrated greater enhancement in overall IQ compared to those in the control group’s xxxx investigator reports the impact was insignificant; nonetheless, it generalized across index scores, IQ subtests and a standardized education achievement xxx drama team portrayed extensive…

            Four key findings were identified in the experiments. Firstly, the study showed that all the groups had recommendable improvement in IQ. However, the participants in the music category demonstrated significantly larger improvement in IQ compared with all control xxxx also had relatively larger enhancement on four aspects of IQ test, that is, perceptual organization, processing speed, verbal comprehension and freedom from xxxx disparities between the music category and control teams on the subsets of evaluating academic achievement. Nevertheless, the investigator found that a comparable pattern of improvement pre-to post-experiment scores was ideal in the music xxx enhancement in pre-to post-experiment adaptive social conduct were exhibited for the drama category, but none for the music teams or control groups that took no xxxx pre-to post-experiment disparities or variations among teams were identified in evaluations of maladaptive…

Data Collection Method and Methodology

            Subjects of the research were enrolled from the society via newspaper advertisements that provide free art lessons xxx was preferred because at this age children are believed to have matured to comprehend formal xxx that older children are less efficient in comprehending formal education (Schellenberg 512). The learning was held weekly for a total of 36 weeks at Toronto. The center is considered an excellent institution for music lessons. Trainers were experienced ladies with high qualification in…

Author’s Conclusion

            The findings portrayed that music education can result to significant improvement in xxxx comparable extra-curricular events such as drama fail to produce similar xxxx is a rare realization in the existing works: experimental indication that far transfer, of music education to IQ, does take place in xxxx has implications for parents, schools and students as it encourage provision of children with music lessons to enhance their general intelligence.

Study Limitations

            To start with, the results of the study were generalized to encompass youngsters who lack exposure to premier music xxxx researcher indicates that the drama and music instruction was offered by trainers at the most respected music conservatory, Canada. As such, this may fail to accurately portray the forms of music lessons available in numerous societies.  Therefore, cognitive…

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