Write an analytical journal on “In Groups We Shrink” by Carol Tavris.

“In Groups We Shrinks”

            The main argument in the article is so real when applied to circumstances of aggregation where various people are involved. As stated in the article, in large groups people are reluctant to diverge from the norms of life. However, if alone individuals often perform without even hesitating. Human beings can apply this argument to everyday activities.


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            When people are in groups they tend to perform as an entity instead of individually. Group-members tend to think singularly rather than thinking as groups of several single individuals. This is linked to the fear of being ridiculed. For instance, in the Rodney King case, people are hesitant to perform against the group. As the police electrocuted, beat and clubbed Rodney king, onlookers just watched. No body attempted to retaliate the senseless beating.

            Besides the fear of being alone in the core of a group, individuals usually look at their colleagues to act in their behalf. For instance, in many classes students are afraid to speak their mind. However, there is always a brave student who speaks out while others listen. This motivates other members to speak and eventually all individual get involved and participate in the discussion.

            Usually, people are not faced with circumstance that requires them to make the conclusions of reacting against the group. However, majority of individuals claim that if confronted with that state of affairs they would act as individuals and implement the morally correct thing. With the ever-expanding media coverage of cases like the Rodney King events, the question remains; how would we react in case of similar occurrence? May be with assistance from the media, people…

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