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Ultra violet rays commonly known as UV rays mainly originate from the sun and from tanning lamps and beds among other sources. Small amounts of these rays are essential for production of vitamin D and for treating some skin related diseases such as rickets. Exposure to these rays for a long time however can result to acute and chronic health effects on the skin, eye and immune system. Sunburns, eye damage, skin cancer, premature aging and weakening of the immune system are some of the major complications (Back et al., 2008).

Statistics show that over 70,000 cases of skin cancer are reported every year in the United Kingdom and actually around 2,000 deaths from skin cancer are reported every year. In addition around 3 million non-melanoma skin cancers are diagnosed each year but majority are treated and the condition rectified. Worldwide, around 15 million individuals become blind from cataracts yearly of which up to 20% may be instigated by sun contact according to WHO estimates on the effects of the UV rays. With these high figures almost every family is affected and thus there will be desirability of services on creating awareness on skin cancer across all people since no particular group is excluded. The idea thus makes sense to majority of the people and are eagerly waiting for the introduction of services that will create awareness on how they should maintain their skins in the right conditions. UV defender is therefore expecting high desirability of their services in all the regions they will be operating in.

            The environmental trend of depletion of the protective ozone layer which is the stratosphere that helps guard the earth from destructive solar ultraviolet radiation by absorbing harmful UV-B ray is necessitating desirability for services of UV defender. This high rate of depletion of the ozone layer is mainly attributed to the release of human-made chlorofluorocarbons and other ozone depleting substances to the atmosphere (Kalogirou, 2013).  Despite the regulations that have been enacted quite a good number of industries release harmful gases to the air. This trend has mainly been common in high latitude areas which are far from the equator with the Polar Regions being the ones adversely affected (Biswas, 2013). This worrying environmental trend has caused almost every person to be conscious of the rays released and thus in dire need to know the measures that can be taken to protect the skin.

            Currently there is a market gap in the provision of services that are aimed at creating awareness of skin cancer and other complications (Haber, 2013). Majority of the health facilities have concentrated on treating the ailments rather than educating the people on how they can avoid the causative agents. These health facilities have invested heavily on measures of treating skin cancer and combating the negative effects of UV rays penetration. Furthermore respective governments and international organizations have also concentrated on treating the diseases. This has led to people being unaware of measures they can take to reduce the effects of the harmful UV rays and other skin destroying factors.

The design of the provision of the services has been in such a way to ensure that there are no possible fatal flaws that can distort the desirability of the product in the market. Factors such as the cost charged and accessibility of the centers providing the services have been considered hence making the service affordable and accessible to majority of the people. Furthermore measures have been taken to ensure that the methods used do not have negative effects among the people and the clients will be informed of this to remove any possible fear. This will be done through proper advertisement and marketing that will be aimed at enlightening the people rather than cheating them. All these will be fundamental in ensuring that the services of UV defender will receive a positive feedback from the people.

The product concept test conducted on the desirability of the product gave a positive feedback which is far much pleasing to any entrepreneur. The test showed that majority of the people were excited of the whole idea of introducing services that will see people becoming aware of skin cancer and other complications related to the skin. Over ninety percent of the people conducted expressed their view on the idea as an excellent one that they will be eagerly waiting to receive services from. Less than ten percent on top of accepting that it was good idea expressed their concern on how the charges could be lowered more to make the services easily  affordable to all people. They were assured that the charge was extremely fair compared to the cost incurred in provision of the services and most of them seemed to understand and agree that for that time the cost was fair.

The intentions survey conducted to determine whether there was good number of people who were ready and willing to demand the services of UV defender gave a positive feedback. The study showed that a large number of the people were excited about the introduction of the services and they were willing to purchases the services of the business once availed in the market. A few individuals were not yet decided whether they will immediately subscribe to the services of the business or wait to first establish whether those who will receive the services of the business first will give positive feedback. These are probably the risk-averse types who are always not willing to take chances but rather opt to avoid the risk at all (Baron, 1994). The survey was conducted through questionnaires whereby the intended questions were enlisted in the questionnaires and then they were distributed across different parts of Canada. They were mainly given to the targeted group of people who are mainly from middle age to the aged since they are the ones who are projected to have high cases of skin cancer. They were aided to fill the questionnaires by the people who were collecting the data and they were allowed to seek clarification where they did not understand. This ensured that the information filled there in was relevant and accurate hence reducing the cases of spoilt questionnaires.

After the exercises of conducting the survey the forms were taken to a central place where they were examined and thereby extracting the vital information about the demand of the services of the business which was required. Measures were taken to ensure that there were no biased inference which if it was allowed to prevail could actually distort the information. Thus the information obtained was a true representative of the interests and opinions of the majority of the population in the target area studied.

  This combined with the fact that skin related problems apart from affecting all people need constant checkups served to assure the business of constant future demand of its services (Berkman & Harootyan, 2003). Therefore the intentions study confirmed that the business could go on to study on the industry and organizational feasibility and other factors which are important to establish before starting the operations. This was an important message to the business since if the survey showed that there is inadequate demand of the services of the business then all activities could be paralyzed since there no business which can operate effectively if it lacks demand for its services.

A library research was also conducted to find out whether the population needed skin cancer awareness services and to establish whether the existing health facilities that provided skin related services were insufficient. The research was also aimed at determining the total population in the targeted area so as to find out whether it will be large enough to adequately demand the services of the business. The library research was able to get results which were consistent with the results obtained from other methods. The study showed that the people were in need of skin awareness services since majority of the health facilities that prevailed did not address the aspect of educating the people on how to take appropriate care for their skins to avoid possible infections. Furthermore the study was able to find out that the population that existed was large enough to sufficiently demand the services and hence keep the business in operation.

 The research study recognized the fact that libraries are the outstanding physical repositories for the outcomes of human investigation and learning and will always continue to be the primary locations at which information on a multitude of subjects which affect man can be extracted from. This is mainly because of the fact that unlike most of materials in the internet, materials in the library are carefully reviewed for actually before adding to the set of collection hence making library materials to be more accurate and reliable (International Conference on QQML, et al., 2010).  The study thus utilized the collections found in the library on the target population concerning their behaviors on how they are likely to respond to different situations. This is based on past data concerning them which was available in different collections and hence they were more likely to respond in a manner that is similar to their past reactions. The study was conducted with the aid of ten researchers who assisted in extracting the relevant information from the large collection of materials. Despite the advantages associated with this method there was a major setback to the entire process on getting sufficient information. This is because the information found in the library is limited and most of it describes people who lived many years ago and thus it is not a guarantee that the people today will behave in a similar manner (In Hines, 2014) It is evident that the feasibility study was able to establish that the services of the business concerning creating skin cancer awareness were desirable among majority of the people and were thus in high demand. This is was evident from all the various methods used to establish the views and opinions of the people regarding the product. Thus the feasibility study generally gave a positive feedback which assured the entrepreneur that he could go on and invest in the business.

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